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Anyone know anything about broken wrists?

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inkpad Fri 06-Oct-17 14:40:28

Hi all,
I've had an undiagnosed broken wrist which was only recognised when a consultant offered an x-ray (primarily to cross the t's).

It stemmed from an accident in which I fell down my stairs over two years ago braking both elbows, and having numerous xrays on other parts of my arms. Using had severe pain around my hand, thumb and forearm for the past two years, it was assumed that I've been suffering with nerve pain. I've had physio for my elbow which required my wrist to be manhandled to help straighten my arm.

A locum GP referred me to orthopedics and it was there that my wrist has been noted.

I'm going in for urgent MRI has the consultant believes there may be ligament damage or that the bones haven't healed as expected.

Does anyone know what I should expect following this in terms of treatment. Would it just be physio?


JohnHunter Fri 06-Oct-17 21:12:32

It really depends on what's injured and how it healed. Is the fracture they've seen on x-ray of the radius? Ulna? Scaphoid? Are they certain or just suspicious that there might have been a fracture?

There really are a lot of possible outcomes from rest in a splint thru physiotherapy, osteotomy (breaking and re-setting the bone if it was really healed in a poor position) and ligament reconstruction to fusion of the joint. The vast majority of patients will end up with a splint and physiotherapy but it really depends on what the problem turns out to be.

inkpad Fri 06-Oct-17 21:23:07

Thank you for the info - it's a scaphoid - and consultant is certain it was broken (he could see the join). Fingers crossed it's just a splint

JohnHunter Fri 06-Oct-17 23:11:40

Okay. They can be tricky. Hopefully the scan comes soon and your consultant will guide you as to next steps.

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