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Crazily heavy periods- so embarrassed-help!!

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tinkerbellone Fri 06-Oct-17 13:50:19

Yesterday at work I had a super plus pad with wings and a super plus tampon. I was leaking through the tampon every 30 min. It was awful. I sat on a chair and left blood all over it. The night before I was awake every two hours leaking everywhere. Like scene from godfather.
So fed up of my periods. I had a polyp removed and hoped that would help- it's made no difference.
I'm exhausted and tearful and need a hug and some advice please xx

ArabellaRockerfella Fri 06-Oct-17 14:18:06

Go to the doctor, don't put up with this.
In fact I doubt your body could tolerate this for long!
I ended up anaemic and so exhausted I couldn't really function. There are various pills which can help or if you don't want any children you can have an endometrial ablation. This is what I went for in the end and it was the best decision for me. No more periods. Yay! I feel normal again and no more stress about bleeding in public!

Lily2007 Fri 06-Oct-17 14:18:12

bear cake Couldn't find a hug but here's a teddy bear and some cake.

I have similar with urine leaks, joys of middle age, plus some young secretaries who feel the need to tell the whole firm if they find so much as one drop of water out of place in the bathroom. I do my best to clean. I just want to hide at home.

It may just be the joys of middle age but maybe go back to the doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. Other than that some clothes are much better at hiding things. It's all quite depressing.

tinkerbellone Fri 06-Oct-17 14:46:42

I'm single mum, 42, with four children - so defo won't be having anymore babies smile
Thank you for advice ,..I'm booked in at drs but not till Nov 😞

Groovee Fri 06-Oct-17 15:10:31

I had this. Tried Traxenimic acid with little success. But had an ablation in July. Now have a little bit spotting for 2 days a month which I wear a panty liner for and to be honest it really isn’t needed. I was put on the mini pill which made things a lot worse. They did try to force a Mirena coil on me. Even on the day of the ablation. It’s been really successful for me and I wish I had sought help sooner now!

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 06-Oct-17 16:16:15

I would go back to the GP and insist on a referral to a gynaecologist.
It needs to be determined what is causing the heaviness of bleed (perhaps there are fibroids also) as well as treating the symptoms.

You should not have to put up with this at all. Heaviness of bleeding over time can also make you anaemic.

tinkerbellone Fri 06-Oct-17 21:16:06

Attila I recently had a scan and they found a polyp & referred me to a gynaecologist. They led me to believe the polyp was the cause of the problems. They removed it and problems still persist sad. That was 12 weeks ago - I didn't know if I need a follow up appointment? One hasn't come through.

Thank you for all your advice and kind words. The whole thing makes me miserable and tearful and I'm not like that normally xxx

SofiaAmes Fri 06-Oct-17 21:17:20

That sounds like a worrying amount of blood and I would get an emergency appointment or go to urgent care.

Tinysarah1985 Fri 06-Oct-17 22:37:12

I had very similar last week- second day I ended up collapsing at work. Which was quite fortunate as I work in a Doctors surgery.

SofiaAmes Sat 07-Oct-17 00:14:04

Tiny grin to the choice of collapsing location.

Shankarankalina Sat 07-Oct-17 00:20:24

I am emerging from this and have a gynae appt on Monday. I've been on tranexamic acid for four weeks now, plus iron. Ultrasound normal. It was just awful, the heavy flooding.

MadameJosephine Sat 07-Oct-17 00:23:12

Give the gynaecologist’s secretary a call on Monday to see if you can arrange a follow up appointment after your surgery, they should be able to see you without having to be re-referred.

WhosTakingDeHorseToFrance Sat 07-Oct-17 00:30:16

Ablation has been a godsend, no more of what you describe. Had this for years, anaemic constantly flooding and feeling like some sort of freak. Mireya coil had limited success but when the fried it all away I couldn't have been happier. Phone the gynaecologist up Monday, wishing you lots of luck and in the meantime flowerswine

ListenFirst Sat 07-Oct-17 17:10:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PoppyPopcorn Sat 07-Oct-17 17:11:53

Get to the GP and get a referral to the gynae. I've been there and it's crap.

BG2015 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:12:36

Been there so totally understand. I had a Mirena which worked for a time but I had large fibroids and a bulky uterus.

I had an ablation last September 2016 but it didn’t work. Bleeding continued so I was given Northisterone which worked a treat and was also offered a hysterectomy which I had in June.

Best thing I ever did. Now on HRT and things are settling down.

Don’t suffer - get it checked out!

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