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Liver cyst

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Le1890 Thu 05-Oct-17 13:19:16


Just wondering if anyone has every had a liver cyst with bleeding into it? It’s not a simple one but complex apparently.

Backstory was it was diagnosed 7 years ago. Had mri for closer look. Told was benign. Had follow up 6 months later all fine.

I’ve recently had an ultrasound for gallstones which highlighted the cyst again and that it has doubled in size and has bleeding into it. Likely will be getting another mri.

Had read before about another poster and hers ended up being a rare cancer. Cancer not been mentioned at this point but form what I’ve read it’s an insolent cancer and one that is often misdiagnosed.

No point in me worrying I know. Just wonder if anyone had any advice.

Thanks xx

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