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Tooth/gum problems

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Judydreamsofhorses Tue 03-Oct-17 20:47:52

Hello, I feel like I have non-stop dental problems but wondered if anyone could help, please?

I have had trouble on and off with the lower right molar - the one behind the wisdom tooth, the one in front of that was extracted some years ago - for months. The tooth is heavily filled, and while the dentist couldn't find anything wrong with it, she eventually (after many trips back and forth) took out a bit of the filling and replaced it. She said there was a bit of decay under the filling, and it should settle. It did, for a few weeks, then last weekend started to get a bit sore again. The tooth itself feels okay, and I can eat on it, it feels to me like the gum in front of it is infected. Anyway, went back last week and she said she thought something had gotten in under the gum, and to treat it with gentle brushing and Corsodyl rinsing, and it should resolve. She x-rayed the tooth and said it was fine - I saw the x-ray and she talked me through it.

It's now so uncomfortable that I'm taking ibuprofen and paracetamol - the gum is still swollen. I don't want to go back and be told everything is fine, but equally I don't feel like things are fine. I am mortified by the amount I've been at the dentist in the last six months (more than in my entire life!) and feel like she thinks I am a massive hypochondriac - although she is very kind and patient. Is it possible something is wrong which wasn't showing on the x-ray?

I am a clencher - and now have a night guard - which has caused most of my recent issues. I am also a teacher so getting out for appointments is tricky, and I feel like my boss thinks I am taking the piss.

Thanks for reading if you did...

MarthaArthur Tue 03-Oct-17 20:50:27

I don't have any advice other than always go back if you need to. I am terrified of the dentist havent been in a long while but once I was having so many problems I was in and out for weeks. They never got to the bottom of my phantom pains though and it comes and goes now.

Crispsheets Tue 03-Oct-17 20:51:37

Do you think you may need a deep clean under anaesthetic at the hygienist?
I had something similar in a back felt spongy and got infected. I'm having gum surgery next week where the gum is cut open and deep cleaned.

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 03-Oct-17 21:10:20

Thanks for the replies. I don't have any gum disease and she actually did the perio probe thing on Thursday and said my gums were in good nick - I had a full check up at the end of August and was officially "discharged" after months of traipsing back and forth between a replacement filling, root canal and eventual extraction on another back tooth. I really look after my teeth and am so ashamed at having all these problems - they look nice and are very white and straight, but I now have gaps on at the back both sides and am scared I am going to lose this one too!

I guess I need to bite the bullet and ring tomorrow...

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 06-Oct-17 20:59:51

So, I went back yesterday. The dentist suggested it could be my sinuses and has given me amoxicillin, but I am certain it's not - it's the lower tooth - and it's still really painful today. I'm due to go back at the end of the month but that seems really far away - my own dentist is now on holiday for a fortnight which makes me really worried, would someone else at the surgery see me if need be? She said she could remove the filling and see what's going on underneath it, but that because it is deep that could make things worse. I am so scared I am going to lose the tooth.

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