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Post surgery pain

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Caulkheadupnorf Tue 03-Oct-17 14:05:06

Major surgery on Wednesday. I was discharged on Saturday and was uncomfortable but okay. The last 12 hours, the pain has got worse, and I’m struggling to walk.
The information from the ward says to call if the pain doesn’t improve, but I don’t know how long to wait before calling.

I’ve never had surgery so not sure how painful it should be, and if I call them then what they can do. Any advice?

JohnHunter Tue 03-Oct-17 18:13:15

Do we get any hints as to what type of surgery you had? If you're not sure what to expect afterwards (in terms of pain), why not just call the ward and ask? The "rescue" number is given out for that reason.

Bamaluz Tue 03-Oct-17 18:17:21

Call them, you're not supposed to be in a lot of pain.

mineofuselessinformation Tue 03-Oct-17 18:23:26

If you're taking the pain relief they recommended properly and it isn't enough, call them.

Caulkheadupnorf Tue 03-Oct-17 18:49:33

Thanks. It was ovarian surgery. I’ve never had surgery before so wasn’t sure if you should be in pain or not. I didn’t want to be calling if it would be wasting their time.

I called them and they told me to come in and have now re-admitted me.

Ropsleybunny Tue 03-Oct-17 18:51:10

💐 get well soon.

buckeejit Tue 03-Oct-17 20:24:40

I had an ovary removed 2.5 weeks ago by keyhole surgery. Have you been taking all your painkillers? I felt not bad for the first week, not much pain but did nothing for a week as DH was off. However since that I've been v tired & really dizzy/foggy headed. It feels like I'm drunk most of the time.

What out of 10 is the pain like and is it inside or around the surgery incision sites? I'd say of you're worried give them a call

buckeejit Tue 03-Oct-17 20:25:33

Sorry-see you've been readmitted-hope you get better soon cake

Caulkheadupnorf Tue 03-Oct-17 20:48:00

Thanks. It was open surgery - the cyst removed was 20x 17 x 15cm so a bit of a beast!

This pain is either due to the sutures being tight or from an infection so waiting to see what the bloods are.

Thank you all for your wisdom - I didn’t want to be seen to be wasting their time.

Bamaluz Tue 03-Oct-17 20:56:29

Glad you rang, hope it gets sorted and you feel better soon.

buckeejit Tue 03-Oct-17 22:23:03

That is a big beast of a cyst, no wonder you're sore-you've had more of a Caesarean! Get well soon

Ropsleybunny Wed 04-Oct-17 07:54:07

Have the told you yet what the cyst is? I thought mine was big 9cm x 6cm. 💐

Caulkheadupnorf Wed 04-Oct-17 09:13:51

It was a dermoid cyst, so pretty solid. It weighed 22lbs so it’s been the quickest and most painful weight loss I could have imagined!

Ropsleybunny Wed 04-Oct-17 16:48:56

I hope you're recovering well now and your pain is under control. Mine was a Granulosa Cell Tumour.

Caulkheadupnorf Wed 04-Oct-17 21:52:18

Thanks. Still struggling with the pain - I didn’t think it would be this bad.
I don’t really want to keep calling the ward but realistically if everyone has pain like this then how on earth does anyone get anything done post op?
(And when I say done I mean move/walk/sit/stand).

Ropsleybunny Thu 05-Oct-17 07:36:33

How are your bowels and bladder? I found having a big poo helped! The doctor prescribed Laxidol, which was a godsend. I also drank loads of water to help my bladder return to normal.

I know it sounds difficult but gentle walking also helped. Just a slow walk round the house as often as you can manage.

What pain meds are you on?

Caulkheadupnorf Thu 05-Oct-17 07:53:57

They’re fine.

I’m on codeine, declafenac and paracetamol. I can’t have anything else like oramorph at home as the hospital won’t send people home with it incase it’s sold...

UnbornMortificado Thu 05-Oct-17 07:57:20

I was just coming on to say oramorph.

I consider myself quite resilient but I had a cervical stitch and I struggled.

My GP prescribed it quite happily and I'm in a rough area.

Caulkheadupnorf Thu 05-Oct-17 08:14:39

The hospital said no, and when I spoke to my GP they said no as I took anti-depressants a few years ago and their practice policy is not to prescribe it if it could be used for suicide...hmm

UnbornMortificado Thu 05-Oct-17 08:32:31

God it's weird how much it varies area to area.

Saying that I get my antidepressants in 2 weekly prescriptions after an overdose and hospital stay two years ago. But I was allowed 3 bottles of oramorph at a time confused

I hope you feel better soon anyway there's nothing worse then pain especially when it's not as controlled as well as it could be flowers

Caulkheadupnorf Thu 05-Oct-17 09:02:32

unborn I’m moving to where you are.

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