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Endometrial biopsy

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namechange4now Thu 28-Sep-17 08:13:14

Hi, Grab yourself a brew this could take a while! smile I currently suffer with fibro and oesteoarthritis. For years I have had irregular periods ranging from painful to extremely painful eg temp up, cold sweats, feeling faint to the point I have to lie down or I fear I will fall down. Pain during sex, mild period pains the more I do etc. My mum was the same so we pretty much popped pills, put up and carried on.

I have mentioned the pain in my pelvis many times to the dr. It now causes pain in my back on the same side, almost like someone is sticking something straight through me. I have random dizzy spells and feel sick. Pain when opening my bowels which feels worse than when I had my children!! Or I can't sit down because it feels as though I have a pole up my bottom...sorry tmi so far! The doctor knew about this but said it was down to my meds causing constipation but it is never that way when I do pass just looks normal. Constantly feel like I have trapped a lung. Everything seems to be on the left side confused.

About 3 months ago my periods became stranger..bled heavy for 1 month, came on again a week later etc. I had blood test which showed elevated hormone levels so dr mentioned early perimenopause (38) and sent me for internal ultrasound to make sure all was well before confirming after I mentioned my mum had fibroids and had a hysterectomy at 36.

Ok so I had the ultrasound last thurs. I'm glad because I felt the pain as he moved the probe so I mentioned it and he took a few pictures. He only asked me if I had always been irregular. Said everything looked ok and contact the dr between 7-10 days for results.

On the friday I had a phonecall asking me to arrange an appointment to discuss results but nothing worry about. I already had an appointment booked for the wednesday so she said use that app. Then on tuesday the dr rang me asking if I'm going on holiday in next 2 weeks the results were abnormal (thickening of the lining of the womb) and she was referring me to the hospital for a sample, we will discuss more at appointment. It worried me a little because my appointment was the day after?? Wouldn't it of made more sense to just hang on??

Went to the app dr said same about lining and they mentioned they found polyps but werent sure. I found this appointment strange she seemed vaguer. Poly cystic ovaries..even though she read off the screen that my ovaries were fine and healthy, hysterectomy, checking for cancer cells were mentioned, she usually lets me read whats on the screen which she seemed to have turned away from me. Which I just found strange tbh..I dont kno could just be paranoia.

I'm trying not to worry and I did attempt to have a look online but some scary stuff came up so I thought it best to stop.

Has anyone else had the biopsy done? What was it like?

Thanks for reading my life story blush

APMom Thu 28-Sep-17 12:42:04

I had one done for irregular bleeding. I was offered for it to be done under general anaesthetic but opted to do it there and then. It hurts a bit but is over quickly. I took paracetamol when I got home.

rosie39forever Thu 28-Sep-17 15:12:42

I've had one, it was really quick, just like a smear, tiny bit of pressure no pain, a bit of spotting after so don't worry it's a really simple procedure.

namechange4now Sun 08-Oct-17 11:00:00

Hi thanks for the replies. I had my appointment on thurs and it was to discuss a hysteroscopy, he booked me in for monday morning. Now I have an idea of what is going to happen I am trying to chill which is very hard.

Unfortunately my period started friday so not sure what to do.

Thanks again

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