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Son"s swollen leg, should I worry??

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MissHooliesclassmonitor Mon 25-Sep-17 20:35:55

2 weeks ago my son tripped over and hit his upper shin/knee on some wood. It is still raised quite swollen and hot to the touch. I only realised this yesterday when I saw it. Years ago my brother was hospitalised with a inward bruise that didn't go (sorry can't think how else to explain it!!) and I am a bit worried about similar happening as the doc thought my brother may get a blood clot.
Any advice appreciated X

ThatsWotSheSaid Mon 25-Sep-17 20:47:32

Sounds like it definitely needs looking at. Have you googled it?

MissHooliesclassmonitor Mon 25-Sep-17 21:45:30

Yes but can't find much information. Will contact docs tomorrow. Mainly the heat in the swelling that is worrying me, but he's not in pain. Thanks for your response ThatsWhatSheSaid X

Waterlemon Mon 25-Sep-17 21:50:37

Heat to me would suggest an infection, I would get it checked out tomorrow- do you have a walk-in clinic nearby?

MissHooliesclassmonitor Mon 25-Sep-17 21:55:05

Hi watermelon, not a walk in clinic but my doctors are good and will see kids really quickly X

MissHooliesclassmonitor Mon 25-Sep-17 21:56:51

Waterlemon not watermelon sorry

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