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Fat belly? No. Ovarian Cancer belly (pt 2)

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TwitterQueen1 Sun 24-Sep-17 19:37:08

The story of my ovarian cancer discovery is here

This is such an important health issue - there's a reason why OC is called the 'silent killer'. I really want more women to be aware of what few symptoms there are (I wasn't).

This is my story. I hope it's a long one.

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TwitterQueen1 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:47:14

new thread [[ ]]

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TwitterQueen1 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:46:05

new thread here

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TwitterQueen1 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:13:40

new thread here

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iVampire Thu 25-Jul-19 11:54:32

‘it's interesting that my spatial discombobulation is about 1cm off to the left’

Do be very careful when pouring drinks! wine

TwitterQueen1 Thu 25-Jul-19 10:31:56

I have a working phone now thankfully. I need big letters for accessibility though - it's interesting that my spatial discombobulation is about 1cm off to the left.

Going to start a new thread today.

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tobee Thu 25-Jul-19 00:38:30

(Lurker and occasional poster here) why can't stupid Vodafone post the new phone to you? Or rather courier it? I've had both o2 and carphone warehouse do that and I just signed for it. Next day delivery. Black mark to Vodafone!

Bloodybridget Wed 24-Jul-19 23:04:18

Boo hiss to Vodaphone. How bloody annoying. And it's not like you've got the energy to make a huge fuss on social media, or whatever it would take to make them actually be helpful.

Wintersnowdrop Wed 24-Jul-19 18:43:35

Oh no that’s so frustrating! I ordered my dd a new phone the other day just from Amazon and we just put the sim from her old phone in it and she was good to go. We are with Three though and we don’t have contracts including the phone cost we just buy the phone and just have a contract for the data or in my dd’s case she buys top ups. Could that be a possibility ? It’s absolutely ridiculous that vodaphone can’t help you with this. I’m sure you could do without the added stress. Have you tried tweeting them?

TwitterQueen1 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:42:42

I will start another one in a day or so, thanks winter. I'm keeping a close eye on it.
I'm coping with the heat by doing absolutely nothing. curtains closed, windows closed etc.
I did manage to do some washing today and i emptied the dishwasher. On the minus side I've had to cope with bloody Vodafone, who are absolutely incapable of any kind of customer service. All I wanted was a new phone to replace my broken one. I was hoping I could order one for my DD to pick up....

Four different teams.... no-one interested. I said i can't come to the shop. They tell me to go to the shop...... I have never, ever, ever had a positive Vodafone customer experience. I tell them I have cancer and need a working phone.... they ask me how I'm doing today... angry so many hours of my life wasted on them..

rant over....

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Wintersnowdrop Tue 23-Jul-19 17:31:59

Hope you are coping okay with the heat @TwitterQueen1.
I notice we are on page 40 of this thread, are you going to start another one?

TwitterQueen1 Mon 22-Jul-19 11:23:27

I am being super careful because I really really don't want to go back in to hospital - they can't do anything for me anyway. I am looking for a leisure centre or similar though, where i can go for a shower if i can get someone to take me. I don't think I'm too whiffy yet but a shower would be nice. wink

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Pennina Mon 22-Jul-19 09:47:34

Hope you're ok and enjoyed the Shiraz! No more reckless behaviour I hope - you scamp xx

iVampire Sat 20-Jul-19 21:48:02

Agree that you need to be off for a feckless weekend

And don’t worry about uot bodily performance - I did a Parkrun for you today, do you’re well ahead


JazzersMaw Sat 20-Jul-19 16:45:49

I think @Abra1de has it, TQ. I’m also pleased you didn’t need another hospital visit. I hope your weekend is going peacefully, with no more mishaps.

Borntobeamum Sat 20-Jul-19 13:19:13

Next time put the bin out before you get sozzled!!
Only kidding. Hope you’re not sore today x x x

MilesJuppIsMyBitch Sat 20-Jul-19 12:09:47

It must be so frustatratinf having your body let you down like that. I too am very glad they didn't force you back to hospital glitterball

Abra1de Sat 20-Jul-19 09:02:28

TQ, you need to block your sensible mother impulses in regard to things like rubbish and channel your inner teenager instead. Ask yourself whether what a feckless 16-year-old would do in a situation and do that.

Have a good and feckless weekend 💐

SnowsInWater Sat 20-Jul-19 06:31:41

Thank goodness that didn't land you back in hospital TQ. Enjoy the wine 😊

TheWoollybacksWife Fri 19-Jul-19 20:14:24

Hurrah for medicinal Shiraz wine. Hope you enjoy your evening TQ

Wintersnowdrop Fri 19-Jul-19 20:04:06

Oh bless you @TwitterQueen1, that sounds tough. Has a fall myself on Monday, tripped over the Hoover lead with a cup of tea in one hand and a plate in the other, so couldn’t stop my fall.
I hope you are feeling okay now and are enjoying your wine. I’m glad you managed to avoid a trip back to hospital.

Bloodybridget Fri 19-Jul-19 19:53:57

Ouch ouch TQ! Hope the wine has anaesthetised any remaining pain from the fall. Good on your brother for turning up just in time, glad you didn't have to go to hospital. Cheers wine

bookbook Fri 19-Jul-19 18:15:35

oh ouch TQ - that sounds so painful . Take care , enjoy the wine

TwitterQueen1 Fri 19-Jul-19 18:12:55

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
I am very very stupid
My brother rang because the M5 was closed and he said he would stop off for a quick pee break. I decided this would be a good time to put the rubbish in the outside bin because it was overflowing. I thought I could step up into the kitchen again but the step is very high and my legs just couldn't take it. I fell directly back onto the gravel path and lay there crying for help for 5 minutes or so.

Fortunately my bro turned up (with his MIL whom I have never met (because she is Polish and lives in Poland), plus my 2 nephews) and called the ambulance. Amazingly for someone who lives nowhere near here, bro has a habit of always being in the right place at the right time - like hospital the other week.

I told the lovely ambulance men I would not go back into hospital and they didn't insist fortunately - just took considerable time to make sure I was OK and not suffering any ill effects other than embarrassment and stupidity and a greater understanding of my own limitations.

Now having several large glasses of shiraz. If I can't enjoy a glass or two now, then when?

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iVampire Thu 18-Jul-19 18:32:48

I’ve never been to Cornwall- is it a place you know well?

Lougle Thu 18-Jul-19 08:45:56

Peace and comfort is a good combination. Cornwall sounds lovely.

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