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Vagina smells of burnt rubber

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electra99 Sun 03-Sep-17 13:35:09

I've noticed a strong heavy vaginal odour that smells like burnt rubber. I've no pain or discharge or itching. Just the smell.
It's not there all the time, but it not pleasant when it is!!

Anybody any ideas?

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loveyoutothemoon Sun 03-Sep-17 16:08:54

It could be nothing but regardless of no pain or itchiness I think you should make a GP appointment ASAP.

Tanfastic Sun 03-Sep-17 18:02:44

Sounds odd. You haven't lost a condom or anything "up there"?

electra99 Sun 03-Sep-17 22:56:56

no lost condom!
I'm used to the smell of thrush, but this is totally different!

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PollyPerky Mon 04-Sep-17 08:30:46

Lots of women think their bits smell when in fact it's a normal smell. I can't say I'd know what burnt rubber smells like tbh.

CoteDAzur Mon 04-Sep-17 08:42:25

Did you recently have a coil put in?

Ijustwantaquietlife Mon 04-Sep-17 08:43:43

I'd go to a clinic and get it checked out just to be sure. What do 111 say?

Ijustwantaquietlife Mon 04-Sep-17 08:45:02

Sorry not 111 I mean the non emergency number

blueskyred Mon 04-Sep-17 08:49:54

diet changes? diabetes? nylon lycra pants? gained weight? bath products? hormonal? new sex partner? new medication? lube? sex toys?

Tanfastic Mon 04-Sep-17 09:59:19

Could be something you've eaten, could be hormone related too. Are you menopausal?

electra99 Mon 04-Sep-17 16:55:03

Hi, nope to all the ones above other than yes - I have a new sex partner - the third in my lifetime! He's not mentioning it.
I have had a coil fitted - but the smell was there before.

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Bluebelldawn Sat 31-Mar-18 16:53:46

Did you find out what it was? I’m having the same problem, recently had a smear and it came back fine. It comes and goes 😭

gymraes Fri 13-Apr-18 04:47:58

I have only recently had this too. No new partner in fact no change in anything I can pinpoint....Anyone else..?

Jpin Thu 08-Nov-18 23:50:55

I have this same problem. I’ve been having it on and off for about 3 years now. Recently the smell has stayed for about 4 months and it’s really distressing me. Earlier this week went got a check up and everything came back negative. Not even thrush or bv. I’m totally confused and distressed by this now. It’s driving me absolutely made.

1freeman Tue 30-Jul-19 23:48:03

Yip me too, it's driving me crazy, my doctor gave me a gel to insert for a week to help with PH balance, worked for a few weeks then it's back again. I'm 46 so could be to do with being perimenopause. The smell is stronger after sex. It can smell like balloons too "party time" but not one I'm happy to attend.

1freeman Tue 30-Jul-19 23:48:59

Is this still a probem for you?

pythram Fri 09-Aug-19 21:20:24

Hey there, this is a problem for me that comes and goes.

Background: 30, LADA Type 1 Diabetic, IUD and prone to infections. blush sad

Recently finished a round of antibiotics for a BV infection and now the smell is noticeable again. I know that not drinking enough water can cause this odor for myself (as I drink a lot of coffee). I'll try to pay attention to whether it seems affected by sex toys or intercourse.

Natural112261 Mon 20-Apr-20 19:40:30

I had a colonoscopy last month and wonder if that could of threw off my ph level?

karen42069 Thu 07-May-20 21:50:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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