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Uterine prolapse - what do I do?!

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Nikitasol Tue 22-Aug-17 23:05:41

I've sustained a partial uterine prolapse. Has anyone else suffered this before?

I literally have no idea how to juggle this along with parenting and working, and I can't take any time off as self employed.

Would really appreciate any thoughts or ways to manage this, at least in the short term whilst I wait for my referral appointment.

babyboomersrock Wed 23-Aug-17 17:54:44

Hi OP - there's usually a prolapse thread somewhere on here. Try this one :

bookbook Wed 23-Aug-17 18:03:17

It's doable - I have one,( more than partial) and cope fine , and was self employed until I retired a couple of years ago .
Look up Michelle Kenway on how to do pelvic floor exercises .
There is also a good forum on fb too - its a private group, with lots of help and advice

Nikitasol Wed 23-Aug-17 19:50:15

Oh bless you both. Thanks for responding. It's only just happened, I'm dribbling wee and feeling shitty.

bookbook Wed 23-Aug-17 20:40:06

sent you a message Nikitasol

Nikitasol Thu 24-Aug-17 20:33:35

Thanks for all the advice. Really appreciate it. X

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