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talcum powder on underwear

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Onlyme100 Mon 21-Aug-17 23:18:50

Hi! So I feel a little freaked out as news emerges that talcum powder maybe linked to ovaria cancer. I used to use this for a few years. Anyone thoughts on this? I'm now using pantliners, just wondering if that's safe to do so. I like to be clean and fresh down there...any tips or advice?

1966gettingold Tue 22-Aug-17 07:00:21

I would only use Panay liners or any sanitary products called TOTM

Time of the month the chemicals etc in sanitary products are truly horrendous ( as per my gynae ) .

We shouldn't need anything down there re talc / perfumes etc causing lots of vulva issues.

Twistandshout77 Tue 22-Aug-17 08:10:18

Gosh I thought news talc was linked to cancer had been about for years and years...
pantiliners perfectly safe

PollyPerky Tue 22-Aug-17 14:35:01

Panay liners Is this Mr Panay the top gynaecologist grin new line?

The talc scare has been around for years. It's inconclusive. Info online by Ovacome charity for ovarian cancer.

But in any case why put something drying and irritating in your knickers? Keep clean and fresh by having a shower and wearing clean knickers.

1966gettingold Tue 22-Aug-17 15:48:58

No it's not Mr P, but I much prefer them for periods ( don't use anything in between ) .

Onlyme100 Tue 22-Aug-17 16:02:56

Thank you all for your responses. PollyPerky - yes I have contacted few organizations and they also say the tests are inconclusive if there is a risk it only increases by 0.5%. (So a normal woman would have a 2% chance - which would be increased to 2.5%). Either way as you say just keep clean and fresh.

whatisforteamum Wed 23-Aug-17 07:40:28

When we were kids mum insisted we put talc in our pants after a.bath and she did this religious ly for years.She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian type cancer.....I won't touch the stuff now however small the risk.

Onlyme100 Wed 23-Aug-17 13:50:09

Whatisforteamum - so do you feel now that as an adult you are also at risk? If so have you contacted any health practioners regarding this?

whatisforteamum Wed 23-Aug-17 15:52:36

I am at an increased risk due to mum having it.I did the ovacome BRCA tool assessment and it said I had a slightly higher risk.I stopped the talc thing as I got older so hopefully the few yes I. The seventies didn't do too much harm.I wouldn't blame DM though was such an innocent thing to do back then.

Onlyme100 Wed 23-Aug-17 18:13:10

Aww glad you went for the test - it's good to be aware and quite right in that pretty much everyone was bought up on this stuff ...I mean it's still in the baby Isles now. Of course risk means risk not definite. All the

libbyloves Thu 24-Aug-17 16:30:09

The charity Ovarian Cancer Action has published an article advising people not to panic, as the results are inconclusive, but to exercise a 'better safe than sorry' approach and avoid using baby powder near the genital area smile

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