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Is this toenail fungus or what? (Pic included)

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Stardust28 Mon 21-Aug-17 05:05:46


I did ballet for about 20+ years so I've always had messed up nails (think breakage, dryness etc). Stopped about a year ago so they finally had a chance to grow properly, and noticed that my second toe looks just unusual!

It's quite white and slightly "hump like" instead of flat as you can see from the photo. This occurs in every toe on my other foot as well - albeit to a lesser extent - sans the big toe which seems fine.

Is it fungus?

DangerMouse17 Mon 21-Aug-17 05:57:52

No it's just nail damage. My son had the same after a foot injury....there was a big hump of nail and actually I cut some of it away off the top and filed it gently, so it had chance to grow back normally. It did the trick!

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