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wonky adult teeth

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tortoiseSHELL Thu 29-Mar-07 08:47:44

Ds1's milk teeth are just starting to fall out, and the adult ones coming through. He's got one adult tooth (middle bottom), and the one next to it is on the point of coming out - it's very wobbly now. I noticed this morning that the adult tooth is already coming through, but it is anything but straight with the other one - it's further back in the mouth. Do they straighten up or is he going to be lumbered with wonky teeth? In which case what do I do? Can a NHS dentist advise on this, are there such things as NHS orthodontists or are private ones ridiculously expensive?

Thank you!

BettySpaghetti Thu 29-Mar-07 08:52:41

My DDs two bottom front adult teeth came through before she lost the milk teeth. They came throughh behind the milk teeth so were quite far back.

However as soon as the milk teeth fell out the adult teeth slowly started moving forward into place. Its amazing how they just seem to move into place once the space is there.

tortoiseSHELL Thu 29-Mar-07 08:55:56

Betty - I love you! I've been in tears this morning over his teeth, that gives me hope!

BettySpaghetti Thu 29-Mar-07 08:59:28

glad I could be of help!

I meant to say that I did take DD to the dentist and he wasn't at all concerned. He'll just monitor it at her normal check-ups.

It totally freaked me when the teeth came through so I know how you feel -she looked like a shark with 2 rows of teeth! I started a thread about it too.

Saturn74 Thu 29-Mar-07 09:24:26

I agree that they will sort themselves out. DS1 had teeth all over the place until his milk teeth fell out and allowed his adult teeth to move into the correct position.
Our dentist says he may need braces, but to wait a while to see how all his teeth grow and move.

tortoiseSHELL Thu 29-Mar-07 09:42:17

You've both really reassured me - I was thinking once they were through that was it. I know it's trivial but it just really shocked me! Thanks.

MrsCellophane Thu 12-Jul-07 22:24:50

TortoiseSHELL - Thank goodness for old threads! Just been reassured by this. Just discovered a wonky tooth behind the gap and was freaked out!

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