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PMS driving me crazy - anyone know any cures/ things to make it bearable?

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squeakybub Mon 26-Mar-07 13:25:01

Message withdrawn

squeakybub Mon 26-Mar-07 14:58:49

Message withdrawn

dustystar Mon 26-Mar-07 15:00:02

No experience as I don't really suffer from PMS (I'm always grumpy) but i've heard that evening primrose oil and starflower oil are both supposed to be good.

rabbitrabbit Mon 26-Mar-07 15:02:25

Hi squeakybub, I've used Agnus Castus in the past and it has always worked really well. It's best to use the liquid version-have a look at this link, hopefully it will give you some idea of what to expect: agnus castus


singingmum Mon 26-Mar-07 15:02:54

Know the feeling.I invested in some relaxing music and a relaxation cd.
The calm voice and music make my life easier.
Lost it and got wound up saturday.oops
Definetly worth the money I spent on them.
Hope this helps

moopymoo Mon 26-Mar-07 15:04:57

no advice realy, just to say im the same..could quite happily thump dh today coz he left his coffee cup next to the loo....will watch this thread with interest

Lazycow Mon 26-Mar-07 15:08:37

Exercise and evening primrose oil used to help me when I could get round to it.

I'm now hitting the menopause - and the one good thing about that is the PMS (which has aleays hit me really badly) is much better and some months not there at all.

mytwocents Mon 26-Mar-07 15:14:04

Hot yoga

squeakybub Mon 26-Mar-07 15:41:06

Message withdrawn

singingmum Mon 26-Mar-07 15:48:28

My cd's called stop the world.I bought it from avon and am unsure they still sell it.Their are loads about and tbh any would have done me.I'd check their website as if they still have it thats where it will be.If not grab the cheapest one you can find that way no money stress.It can take a few goes though to get into.Also just a thought but square breathing(used for panick attacks etc.) can also help.Altogether..
Breathin 2 3 4,hold 2 3 4,out 2 3 4,keep out 2 3 4....
And so on.Helps you feel calmer.

fortyplus Mon 26-Mar-07 23:25:35

Do you have heavy periods & if so do you want any more children?

I've just had endometrial ablation and - though I don't suffer from PMS - one of the benefits is that it is said to reduce symptoms of PMS by up to 60%.

No good if you want more children, though.

squeakybub Tue 27-Mar-07 15:20:49

Message withdrawn

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