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I was bitten by spiders 10 days ago

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popalittlepancakeintothepan Tue 11-Jul-17 23:16:09

I was bitten 10 days ago, by what I believe to be two spiders. The bites have got worse as the days have gone on- as in even more itchy and swollen. I've even started getting a little bit of a rash below the bite that is very itchy. I believe they were tiny zebra spiders, but I can't be 100% sure. I brushed them off pretty quick! They definitely weren't mosquitoes. Do I need a trip to the docs??

TheHodgeoftheHedge Tue 11-Jul-17 23:21:03

Put bluntly, hells yes.
Considering it was over a week ago those are some nasty reactions. Take an anti histamine and call the doc in the morning.

popalittlepancakeintothepan Tue 11-Jul-17 23:40:51

Thank you for your response. I've taken antihistamines every day since, but they've not stopped the itching. I've put off going to the doctors because I was worried about wasting their time, that they'd say it's just an insect bite and to get on with it. 10 days of itching and getting a rash after so many days does seem a little odd!

HurtyTeeth Tue 11-Jul-17 23:48:43

Well if you were concerned regarding wasting GPs time, you could have seen a pharmacist for advice in the meantime, no? Or have you already?

popalittlepancakeintothepan Tue 11-Jul-17 23:54:40

Every time I've been to a pharmacist, they've just stood there and said, "I don't know what it is". I honestly have no faith in them anymore.

stuntcamel Wed 12-Jul-17 00:01:36

Unless it is a lot better in the morning, you definitely need to see a doctor. Insect bites can be nasty, and can become infected and turn into cellulitis, which is really painful. DH and I have both had it develop after insect bites, it's horrid. You might need antibiotics, so it would be best to see your GP or practice nurse with this.

popalittlepancakeintothepan Wed 12-Jul-17 00:08:04

I'll see how it is in the morning and try to get an appointment. They're itching like crazy! Thank you for the advice.

HurtyTeeth Wed 12-Jul-17 14:47:47

How's it going, op?

PollyPerky Wed 12-Jul-17 16:52:32

Have you used:
1 antihistamine cream?
2 steroid cream (weak)- available as a treatment of bites?
3 antiseptic cream?

Applied at least twice daily

Have you told the pharmacist it's an insect bite? If so they ought to have suggested the above.

towelpintpeanuts Wed 12-Jul-17 16:54:30

Defoe doctor - and also do a quick double check that you can't throw webs from your wrists while you're at it...

popalittlepancakeintothepan Wed 12-Jul-17 19:11:23

I have antibiotics as my leg is currently resembling an elephants leg.

popalittlepancakeintothepan Wed 12-Jul-17 19:11:59

Antihistamines have had no effect sad

TheHodgeoftheHedge Wed 12-Jul-17 19:12:52

Glad you went and hopefully the antibiotics will make a difference quickly.

popalittlepancakeintothepan Wed 12-Jul-17 19:13:25

currently trying to shoot spider webs from my wrists...

popalittlepancakeintothepan Wed 12-Jul-17 19:13:52

Thanks Hodge

iMatter Wed 12-Jul-17 19:20:32

Glad you got sorted.

I was going to suggest sawing your leg off at the knee (argh spiders...) but antibiotics are a much better solution.

I hope they heal soon

stuntcamel Wed 12-Jul-17 19:33:47

Glad you saw the doctor, hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. Did they say it was cellulitis or something else?

BlueIsYou Wed 12-Jul-17 19:48:00

To be honest, I would be very tempted to try out any possible super powers grin

Flucloxacillin isn't that great an antibiotic for some, many are resistant to it so if no improvement soon, take a trip to your GP again flowers

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