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Has anyone ever had an appendicular mass?

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fernzmal Mon 10-Jul-17 14:01:08

Apparently my appendix ruptured but I didn't realise. Had what I thought was a muscle pull in the right side of my stomach for 1-2 months although when I googled, it did say it could be my appendix or ovarian cancer or an ectopic pregnancy. The pain was not excruciating however, so I ignored it until one night the pain got so bad that I couldn't sleep. Went to the GP and she said it could be an ovarian cyst and referred me for an ultrasound. It turned out to be appendicular mass, what happened was my appendix had ruptured but my bowel had wrapped itself around it, to protect the rest of my body from sepsis. The body is supposed to do this, although it doesn't always. Anyway, so I was admitted for a week, and had iv antibiotics, and then got discharged with oral antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Am now off antibiotics, but am on a low fibre low residue soft diet where I can't eat beef, prawns, eggs, fruit, veg, nuts, and fibre, and can't do any exercises (to prevent my organs from moving around too much) or fly (due to air pressure) and doctor says I will have an operation to remove my appendix at the end of August. It seems like such an awfully long time, and I am getting fed up of the limited diet, and also I caught a virus last week, was down with fever and dizziness, probably due to the lack of vitamins and minerals! Has anyone else had this? Nobody I know has ever had their bowel wrap around their appendix before. (Trust my life to be so complicated!) I have two friends who had their appendix rupture, but it was straight to the emergency for them, and they had the appendectomy straightaway.

fernzmal Tue 11-Jul-17 08:44:27


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