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Would being in pain be worthy of a same day GP appointment?

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Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 00:30:36

I kniw its definitely not an emergency or anything to go to a and e but I'm in a lot of pain at the moment. I've been referred to a rheumatologist over a month ago and no appointment yet but I don't think I can wait till then since I'm in a lot of pain. They think I have Fibromyalgia. So far I've been taking OTC cocodamol and naproxen but they're not doing anything at all. The gp waiting list is over a month and I'm a bit sick of it. Could I possibly ask them for a same day appointment on Monday? If I can't then I can't but I just wanted to know. Also in the middle if changing gps since mines aren't great. Thank you smile

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 00:31:39

Or even a phone appointment would be fine if possible

BackforGood Sun 09-Jul-17 00:45:10

If it is pain relief, then would a pharmacist be able to help ?

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 00:55:54

I'm not sure. I went to the pharmacist and asked for the strongest thing without a prescription and she gave me OTC Cocodamol and capsaicin ointment.

oldtrees Sun 09-Jul-17 00:57:46

Different GPs have different rules. My GPS keep several appointments back for sane day, it doesn't need to be an emergency.

oldtrees Sun 09-Jul-17 00:58:25

You can't wait a month in pain. I would go for same day.

passthewineplz Sun 09-Jul-17 00:59:42

Yes I'd ask for a same day appointment. You'll probably have to ring first thing, to get booked in.

You're in pain, which needs managing. They usually give a form of antidepressant to help manage the pain, which is something you can't get at a chemist.

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:02:17

@passthewineplz i am on Sertraline at the moment but haven't have any pain relieving pain benefits so far

passthewineplz Sun 09-Jul-17 01:03:40

Have a look at these websites for more info.
If it's fibromyalgia, you'll be referred back to your GP for treatment.

JustDontGetItAtAll Sun 09-Jul-17 01:04:48

Call bang on 8am

passthewineplz Sun 09-Jul-17 01:05:29

Think it's a combination they give, usually amitriptyline with something else.

Yoga and swimming are good exercises to try too.

HeyBigSpender Sun 09-Jul-17 01:10:10

I know sertraline is a depressant, does it have pain relief effects too?

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:12:02

Well my doctor said that sertraline can be used for pain as well but I've heard that other antidepressants are better for pain. I'm on it originally for other issues. I personally don't feel any pain relieving benefits from it

Therealslimshady1 Sun 09-Jul-17 01:15:00

No walk in hours? Call reception and explain you are in pain.

A month is too long

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:17:13

No walk in hours? my gp is pretty shit pardon the French

Therealslimshady1 Sun 09-Jul-17 01:19:42

Can you go to another surgery?

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:22:55

I did register to another GP, but not sure how long that will take

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:37:57

Is there a certain way to going about getting a same day appointment? Only ask this because i get a bit nervous on the phone and only had a same day appointment once for a bladder infection

LBOCS2 Sun 09-Jul-17 01:38:19

I don't think it's a case of emergency vs. Non emergency.

You have pain. Is it reasonable to expect you to wait for a month in pain? No. So make the same day appointment, if that's your only other alternative to waiting for so long to see your GP.

And change surgeries smile

coursedarlin Sun 09-Jul-17 01:40:59

It's definitely worth calling and making an appt. I have cocodamol on prescription as it's the only thing that helps my migraines. OTC only contains a maximum of 12mg of codeine in solpadol max but on prescription they are 30mg and work pretty quickly. Hope you manage to sort some effective pain relief

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:49:43

Will try my best to get a same day appointment. I'm definitely not going to a and e it feels like such a massive waste of their time

ItsGone Sun 09-Jul-17 01:50:37

A month for an appointment 😱😱😱. That's a long time.

It's tricky about what should be 'urgent' and what shouldn't but you would think being in unmanageable pain would be up there.

I can always get a same day appoint where I am and have done. They open the phone lines at 8 for some same day appointments and whoever is quickest on the draw gets them. It's clearly unfair as it disadvantages anyone who isn't able to work the system. BTW I only take the same day appointments if I absolutely need them. E.g. DD had an abscess on her throat a few days before her final exams (I've forgotten what it's called but I was fairly sure she needed IBs as quick as possible).

Laladog Sun 09-Jul-17 01:53:34

@ItsGone I know! Sometimes it's nearly 2 months for an appointment, and then they try and rush you out the door as quick as possible. I know they have other patients and that's fine but if I don't get everything over to them then it's another month at least for another one.

27Harper Sun 09-Jul-17 02:31:35

That's ridiculous. Switch gps ASAP. Mines is a week at most. I have a great gp though, but I did go through similar situations like this. You can't be in pain for a month and it wouldn't be fair on you. Phone up early on Monday and just explain that you're in a lot of pain and don't get off the phone until you het one! Naproxen doesn't really do much for fibro if it is that, so clearly your gp doesn't know mich about it. Good luck hunny xx

sadmum2017 Sun 09-Jul-17 02:54:14

The word 'emergency' needs to be replaced with 'same day' appointment. Anything that can't wait for a routine appointment is eligible for same day. I wouldn't wait a week if I was in pain.

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