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Handled raw meet with eczema on hand

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Generallyok Sat 08-Jul-17 14:26:00

I usually wear disposable gloves but have run out. I have been handling raw mince beef. Washed hands very thouroughly but now fretting i could pick up something nasty. Anyone erasure me please.

Batfurger Sat 08-Jul-17 14:34:33

What do you think you might pick up from raw meet?

PuppyMonkey Sat 08-Jul-17 14:36:02

Is this a health hazard then?confused

Lol at erasure (childish)

Generallyok Sat 08-Jul-17 14:41:40

Probably being silly but didn't know if open skin could get infected with ecoli?

MollyHuaCha Sat 08-Jul-17 15:30:12

I don't think you are silly to be concerned. Make sure you have gloves to hand next time. Minced meat is more likely to have bacteria than a whole piece of steak.

Nickynackynoodle Sat 08-Jul-17 15:59:08

I don't think that's strictly true molly- minced meat is more likely to still have bacteria in it once it's cooked, especially if it's in eg a rare burger.

Steak has the same bacteria, it's just not all mixed up inside so it's easily killed during cooking.

Op, I think you may be overly anxious about this.

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