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Multivitamin for me?

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BelleEtoile Sat 08-Jul-17 10:16:49

Hi! Can anyone recommend a super duper multivitamin for me please?
What vitamins do you take?
DS is now 4 months and his reflux and colic are settling. Due to lack of sleep and poor diet I look and feel very run down. I'm gradually getting more sleep and getting my diet back to normal but feel I need a supplement while I get back on track. I've no health issues and normally have a good exercise and diet regime. Thanks! 😀

PollyPerky Sat 08-Jul-17 11:29:47

There is a misunderstanding that vitamins make people feel better or more energetic. They don't. In the western world if you have a decent diet you don't need added vitamins.
Why is or was your diet poor?

The thing with vitamins is they fall into two groups: excreted if we have too much (through food, not just supplements) or stored in the liver for when we need them.

Vits A &D are fat soluble and stored in the liver. Unless you were really deficient, it's unlikely that you need to top up (having said that, many people are VidD deficient so there is no harm taking a supplement for that especially if you are breast feeding. Vit D is required for calcium to be absorbed so if you are BF you need plenty of calcium to protect your own bones.)

You can get enough Vit C each day through food- fresh fruit and veg.

Vit B are in wholefood cereals and meat. If you bled a lot post birth you could be slightly anemic so could maybe top up with these.

I'd suggest you think about any 'gaps' in your diet and think about supplements to fill those, rather than taking a daily multi vit which is a 'one size fits no one' and a waste of time.

BelleEtoile Sat 08-Jul-17 13:30:12

Thanks for your reply PollyPerky.

My DS had a tough start to life and the last few months have been challenging. My DH works extremely long hours and isn't here most of the time and I don't have a support network to serve me nutritionally balanced meals or to allow me time or energy to prepare them. I have really struggled the last few months and I needed to concentrate on safeguarding my mental health. I live in a rural areal but thankfully have been able to get basics delivered (eggs, milk, cheese, bread, frozen veg). I'm hoping to get back to "normal" cooking and baking over the next few months.

I am aware vitamin supplements are not usually needed with a good diet and I am acutely aware that there is no magic pill.
I haven't felt the need to use vitamins before hence the question.

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