GERD, acid reflux, hiatus hernia?

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Christinedaae17 Thu 06-Jul-17 21:47:37


I've been suffering with stomach pain for around 6 years now, it started out of no where one night, I'd had my DD 2 years before, it was the most horrible intense pain thst made me feel so sick and I felt as if if I could be sick I would feel better but I couldn't make myself be sick

I was back and forth to my previous doctor for a while tested for h pylori negative, given lansoprazole for suspected ulcer, didn't work, I was hardly eating as I felt sick constantly until I was eventually given domperidone which stopped me feeling sick and I went back to eating as normal but the stomach pain continued

Changed drs since have had countless blood tests, scan for gallstones which came back clear, waiting on endoscopy but seem to be managing fine with ranitidine and gaviscon

Pain comes and goes, if I eat something with pastry or high in fat or spicy I have bad stomach, it feels like burning and nawing, I'd describe it as similar to the pain I get when I'm hungry but a lot worse, it sometimes makes me feel lightheaded and very very sick. My throat is ok although it does get a bit sticky after eating.

The pain isn't as unbearable as it used to be and I haven't had a particularly bad 'attack' for a long time. I was getting really bad attacks every now and again that stopped me sleeping and I'd be pacing in agony from it.

So not sure what's going on but it's annoying and I'm only 28 so don't want to spend the rest of my life with it, anyone got similar? What's helps? The ranitidine does help and sorts the pain right out it I don't want to take them all the time incase it stops having an affect on it

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Christinedaae17 Fri 07-Jul-17 17:55:06


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Glitterybelle Sun 10-May-20 23:05:41

@Christinedaae17 did you ever get this resolved

MrsTannyFickler Fri 05-Jun-20 16:48:02

@Christinedaae17 I'm a long term sufferer and in the middle of an awful episode just now.
Did You get any help for this?

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