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Pelvic/back pain. Help!

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Diel Thu 06-Jul-17 19:28:36

Hi, I'm having terrible lower back and pelvic pain. Muscles ache when walking, pains running down my legs. Stabbing and throbbi g pelvic pains that move around from one spot to others. Waiting 8 weeks for a pelvic scan. Smear and internal exam showed nothing. My concern is that I can't tell if its a muscular/none issue or gyno issue. Worse on some days but never gone for long over past 2/3 months. Other symptoms are feeling pressure at points. My gut is saying it is a gyno issue but no idea what. Periods are regular, no intermittent bleeding but hellish mps. Anyone experienced similar? Thanks

Diel Thu 06-Jul-17 19:29:55

Sorry, new phone typos! Muscular/bone and pms!

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