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Kenalog Injection

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samatamfabahaba Thu 06-Jul-17 09:57:56

Hi, can anyone tell me if they know where my DP can get this? We are in Newcastle and nowhere up here seems to do it. I'm useless at using the internet and can only seem to find somewhere in Leeds that does it? Does anyone know if that is the closest place? Thanks for any help I really appreciate it.

Sidge Thu 06-Jul-17 10:08:50

What does he need it for? Most GPs can do this when clinically indicated, usually for joint pain.

It can be given privately for hay fever and suchlike; A quick Google found this clinic in Newcastle

samatamfabahaba Thu 06-Jul-17 10:21:24

It's for hay fever, and you can't get it on the NHS anymore so we'll just pay for it but it's just the (albeit small) faff of having to drive to Leeds for it.

samatamfabahaba Thu 06-Jul-17 10:22:12

NPH and The Nuffield don't do it unfortunately.

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