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Anyone had Strep Throat or Glandular Fever?

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MyBreadIsEggy Tue 04-Jul-17 12:28:26

According to my GP I'm showing clear symptoms of both, so has sent off a swab from my Throat to find out if it's Strep, and a blood sample.
I feel like death!
My glands are so swollen it hurts all the way up to behind my ears, the back of my Throat is covered in white stuff, I'm coughing up green shit, have an awful headache and my sinuses feel like they aren't going to explode!
Throw a 2yo and an 8mo into the mix and I'm convinced I'm going to be dead by the time my DH gets home from work sad
Any tips other than the usual paracetamol/fluids/rest (rest is quite impossible when I'm in sole charge of a toddler and a baby!)

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