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Father in Law seems to have serious synotoms

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Ahardyfool Mon 03-Jul-17 17:14:46

Hi all - ages since I've posted on MN...

My FIL has been suffering with what appeared to be heart related symptoms since end of last year but has seen a consultant and although there is an issue there he doesn't require treatment for it. He was complaining of fullness in his chest and light headedness and he indeed is experiencing episodes of mild bradychardia but it's not serious so been discharged. However, since all this MIL reports continued "funny turns" except now the description involves him not only being woozy and Light headed but also talking rubbish and being vacant for up to a minute at a time. Doesn't happen always but fairly frequent and he had one this morning hence her calling us. The next things she tells us is that FIL has been losing weight and has lost 1.4 stone. He's a slim man as it is.

We're very concerned as my father died only a few years ago from cancer of the pancreas and there are some alarming similarities but I'm trying not to project. Weight loss seems extreme to me as he's apparently been eating well. However, I can't think what might explain the moments of mental delirium other than scarythings like brain tumour liver mets 😥. Any medical people have any thoughts as they will need some tough love and gentle nudging in the right direction I think.

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