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HardRockHallelujah Sun 02-Jul-17 22:22:19

Wondered if anybody had some ideas on this...

By the end of every day I feel uncomfortably bloated, at the top of my stomach. I don't feel bloated when I wake up in the morning. In terms of diet, I eat vegan three or four days a week and only eat meat and fish on one day at the weekend. I didn't feel bloated before I changed my diet at the beginning of this year. Could it be all due to this change? And what would the answer be? To go completely vegan or vegetarian or eat meat etc more often throughout the week?


Inneedofadvice20172234 Sun 02-Jul-17 23:19:55

Try changing your diet back and see if the symptoms disappear

Are you eating loads of carbs as the vegan food? This could be the culprit

For some bloating and feeling full after eating a small amount is s symptom of ovarian cancer - but most likely it's your diet

HardRockHallelujah Mon 03-Jul-17 07:33:38

Not eating masses of carbs, mainly vegetables. I'm putting my diet back this week to see if it makes a difference. Should I go and get checked out at the doctor's to rule out ovarian cancer?

Inneedofadvice20172234 Mon 03-Jul-17 08:02:47

If it doesn't go with your diet change I would go and mention it. In all likelihood it's your diet though so you'll see an improvement. Sorry didn't mean to scare you but felt I had to mention it.

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