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My period is 10 days late ..I'm worried.

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user1498051868 Thu 29-Jun-17 10:52:40

My period is normally regular,no chance I am pregnant either.
It's 10 days late now but I knew already it would be as I had 0 pmt symptoms ...
The pmt symptoms (sore boobs,tired,back ache ) started about 4 days ago so it feels like it's on its way.
The last few weeks I've had blood tests at the doctors that should all my hormone levels are fine and my thyroid is fine and a blood test for ovulation showed I ovulate.
So why the hell is it late?
I am under a ridiculous amount of stress a point where I cry a lot.
I started taking evening primrose oil 2 months ago but stopped a few weeks ago..could that affect it?
I do feel like it will start any day but I'm worried why it's so late

bouncemeup Fri 30-Jun-17 20:03:24

This has happened to me once before and it finally came 12 days late. I have no idea what caused it...after that it went back to normal. As you are really worried I would go and see a GP x

FaithAgain Sat 01-Jul-17 14:16:35

I would think it's either that this cycle you've ovulated late (this can happen especially if you're stressed) or you've had an anovulatory cycle (where you don't ovulate). The latter is fairly common, most women have one a year. When I do, my period is always later.

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