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Was this a form of sleepwalking or should I be concerned?

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Chickensareevil Thu 29-Jun-17 08:39:34

My 16 year old DS has just finished his GCSEs and is due to play football with his friends. I just went to wake him up, he sat up and his eyes were open. I asked him what time he was going and he mumbled a word I couldn't make out whilst touching each of his fingers off his thumb. I asked him again and he repeated the same word and hand gesture. I then asked if he was ok and same again. For the next couple of minutes I got the same response to every question, to the point where I thought something was seriously wrong. Finally he seemed to snap out of it and started speaking normally, it was like a switch turning on. The thing that freaked me out the most was for question I asked he responded with the same word and hand gesture. My rational self tells me he had probably been in a really deep sleep and was only half awake, my anxious self is worried something else might be going on.

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