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Ears feel blocked and head pressure

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mytimewillcome Thu 29-Jun-17 03:53:31

I've had this feeling for 2 months now and I'm desperate to get rid of it. I've been to see my gp 4 times and I've been given co-codemal which seems to have no effect. I've tried paracetamol and sudafed and nothing is helping. There is dizziness and some ear pain in my right ear. No real head pain but they seem to think it's some sort of migraine. At first they thought it was a viral infection. My diabetes consultant arranged a ct scan but that is clear. I've got an appointment with the head of practice because I'm refusing to see the other one I saw and of course it's so difficult to get an urgent appointment with her so I can't see her until Monday. I've started having panic attacks over this. Ive ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning (had house tested) and my eyesight (also tested). Can I bypass the gp and go to a walk in ENT clinic? I live in South London.

rosie1959 Thu 29-Jun-17 04:36:55

I have just had something very similar lasted about 4 months Blocked eustachian tubes
Horrible feeling of pressure reduced hearing odd noises thankfully no pain or dizziness
Did initially see my GP but as suspected could do nothing
My osteopath did help (yesterday I know that sounds odd ) but she helped
Did actually just go away she suspected I had a virus in my eustachian tube
It has gone now although sometimes they can feel a little blocked there is loads on the Internet on how to help clearing the tubes

noitsnotteattimeyet Thu 29-Jun-17 08:21:21

Any hearing loss or tinnitus?

mytimewillcome Thu 29-Jun-17 11:32:00

No tinnitus or hearing loss. The gp doesn't know what it is. I think it's the not knowing so I can't start treatment that is frustrating.

TeenagersandFurbabies Thu 29-Jun-17 12:04:18

Is it possible that you have a sinus problem ? Your symptoms sound similar to one's I get when I have sinus trouble. Try a course of Actifed tablets they have saved me from needing antibiotics on a fair few occasions also a steroid nasal spray can help unblock ears.

mytimewillcome Thu 29-Jun-17 18:53:18

Thank you. I've been given a steroid nasal spray today by my gp and referred to ENT. Hopefully things will get better now. I've been using sudafed but will look into actifed.

Banderchang Thu 29-Jun-17 19:02:09

I had Eustachian tube disfunction and it felt like this. If you are in the U.K., I recommend Otovent from Boots. It's basically a balloon that you blow up with your nose a few times a day. I was on the verge of ent referral with mine and this fixed it for a few quid.

Good luck!

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