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Inverted nipples!

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June0309 Wed 28-Jun-17 18:42:11

Hi ladies , after a terrrible year where my husband was wrongly diagnosed with cancer I am now suffering health anxiety terribly . I have inverted nipples , (I think they have been like that for a few years after my third child). They never bothered me but then I saw they could mean cancer! I completely panicked and spent 3 weeks seeing 3 different GPs and a breast specialist , they have all reassured me I do. Or have breast cancer and it's just my milk ducts shortening . However I still can't get past this now and want them to come out! They do very easily and I have been wearing breast shells, these have helped loads and they stay out most of the day now . It's just night time they fall back inverted , can I wear the shells at night??? Is there a time limit to wearing them??? Many thanks xxx

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