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Watery blood stained discharge

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acarnamedwanda Tue 27-Jun-17 18:04:23

I have been on the mini pill now for over a year and as a result my periods are very irregular, having not had a proper period since April.
Every month I have the symptoms of PMS- moodiness, bloating etc but no actual period.

I was treated around 6 weeks ago with antibiotics for a suspected infected pelvic area, but the swabs came back clear. The pain I had was accompanied by a foul smelling discharge which I thought was BV but the doctor said it didn't fit the symptoms because of the colour and texture.

Saturday this week, after a few days of niggling pain, I had a very light blood stained discharge, almost water like, but again, offensively smelling. I only needed a panty liner as it was so light, and didn't have anything Sunday or Monday.

Around 30 minutes ago, (and sorry for this), I felt a light trickle and when I have gone to check, it is the same watery discharge, again tinged with blood and foul smelling.

Is this my body's attempt at a period? I don't really want to start changing my contraception (and I have tested and am not pregnant), but surely if it's not a typical looking discharge then it doesn't need antibiotics? I have done the one thing I shouldn't have and Googled confused

I will be phoning the GP tomorrow but I just wondered if anybody had ever experienced anything similar, especially on the mini pill?

Daisy2315 Tue 27-Jun-17 19:05:04

Have you had a smear test recently?

acarnamedwanda Tue 27-Jun-17 19:07:17

I had one in October 2016 and all came back clear thankfully.

No further discharge since around 5pm, hut a feeling of dizziness which may or may not be related- I'm not sure!

Daisy2315 Tue 27-Jun-17 19:15:52

Well that's good that you have had a smear to rule that out.

Hopefully you'll get an appointment with your go soon

Daisy2315 Tue 27-Jun-17 19:16:07


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