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Wound woes

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Everyoneafter3 Sat 24-Jun-17 19:50:12

I have a two week old open wound on my knee caused by a fall. It was filthy dirty so had to be irrigated in A&E. It's doing okay after multiple dressing changes by the nurse and by me at home apart from one bit which is still oozing yellow stuff and is effectively a hole. Nurse today did a swab (omg that hurt) and told me to see my gp next week. She said that due to the position of it I might have to be referred to orthopaedics - surely not! She said that ideally it should have been sorted in theatre a few days later but I was discharged from A&E with virtually no follow-up instructions.

I'm so down. It hurts. It looks horrific. The part that is healing is in a lump.

Someone tell me that it's normal to still be like this after two weeks?

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