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best permanent upper lip hair removal? laser?/IPL?

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RanToTheHills Wed 21-Mar-07 13:16:54

anytips,any salon recommendations? TIA!

RanToTheHills Wed 21-Mar-07 14:26:34


RanToTheHills Fri 23-Mar-07 09:46:36

no-body? or has this been done too manytimes before?

kiwinat Fri 23-Mar-07 09:51:26

I used laser removal at a SKN clinic which was attached to the local hospital. Had dark hair so worked really well, took the 6 session package. They said it may take 6-8 sessions, go regularly, every 4-6 weeks. I still have a few to get rid of but have to wait until after pregnancy to go back as they won't do it at the mo'.

(soz don't know how to do links)

I can highly recommend it, regret all those years of waxing, argh!

kiwinat Fri 23-Mar-07 09:55:05

giving it a go

skn clinics

RanToTheHills Fri 23-Mar-07 10:10:06

thanks, unfortunately not v near any of their clinics. I've got medium dark hair so guess consultation will tell me how well it'll work as i know it works best on v dark hair. how much was it,if you don't mind me asking? Also was in IPL or another kind of laser treatment? Glad it worked for you!

kiwinat Fri 23-Mar-07 12:30:22

They called it laser hair removal so I don't know if this is the same as IPL. Apparently the new lasers these days work well with lighter hair as well.

I paid £25 for test patch to ensure you don't have a reaction to it, then the 6 sessions cost £294 which was a £60 saving than if you get them individually.

snowwonder Fri 23-Mar-07 12:34:37

i would be intrested also, but none near me either? i would travel if it was a one off but it's not!!!!!

i use hair remover cream on my lip

do beauty salons do it?

kiwinat Fri 23-Mar-07 12:40:41

I think beauty salons do, but check that a registered nurse is administering it. My mum introduced IPL at her beauty clinic, but had a nurse come in to do it for her clients.

It can cause darker pigmentation which I think is temporary, and you must stay out of the sun, or wear very high SPF when out in it while having the treatment. They won't do it if you have a tan as it can cause the discoloration as well.

Worringly my mum made the nurse pump up the level on the IPL on her face, and it burnt her so at her wedding in Dec, she had darker patches on her face! She only had herself to blame though, although I would have expected the nurse to say no!

kiwinat Fri 23-Mar-07 12:49:38

loads of links typing laser hair removal into Google

RanToTheHills Fri 23-Mar-07 13:51:30

thanks so much! So should always be reg.nurseand should alwys be patch testfirst? Handyto know.

Madoldcatlady Fri 23-Mar-07 14:52:05

I had mine done at a local beauty salon. It was done by a beautician, not a nurse. It took a patch test then 3 further treatments to do the job. I was told it could take up to ten, so I was really pleased. it cost about £130 altogether.

florenceuk Fri 23-Mar-07 15:24:33

ask around for the best deal. Some salons charge you for min 15min each time which can be really expensive, while the upper lip just takes a few minutes. If you can get a package for just the upper lip it should be cheaper (mine cost about £120 for a package of five sessions but this was a few years ago). From memory, mine was called Acculight

chloesmumtoo Fri 23-Mar-07 16:07:19

I had electrolosis instead as I have fair hair and its very good. Obviously depends on your beautician but dont feel laser is your only option.

frumpygrumpy Fri 23-Mar-07 16:11:36

I'm having IPL on legs, bikini and lip. I've only had two treatments but I'm already seeing a difference, regrowth has slowed down dramatically and you can shave in between treatments. I'm using Saks.

RanToTheHills Fri 23-Mar-07 16:41:55

thanks,all.So what is IPL, a laser treatment?

frumpygrumpy Sat 24-Mar-07 14:09:53

Its Intense Pulsed Light. Here is a very unscientific explanation!

The treatment is done using a handheld wand about the shape and size of some hair straighteners. The area is gently shaved first and then some cool gel applied. You wear some goggles or glasses and then the wand is held on your skin and it delivers an extrememly bright/white flash of light (hence the glasses). The pigment in the hair draws the light (so the darker the hair the better/quicker the result) and then that folicle will never produce a hair again. Then it is repeated across the section you are having treated, so upper lip takes maybe 6 clicks of the wand.

My mum had IPL two years ago on her chin/lip with excellent results and has no hair there now and no regrowth. I'm having full leg, bikini and lip done. Its expensive but then I am a hairy devil and this will make me feel human again After two treatments (5 weeks apart) I'm already seeing a big slowing done of growth.

They can't call it permanent hair removal as there is always a chance that years down the line a new folicle/s might awaken (perhaps hormone changes) and hair may grow. I'm told the chances of this are slim as the treatment is done over a year to catch the full cycle of hair growth and that folicle would have to be dormant throughout that year to not be zapped.

I found my upper lip treatment a bit sore but then its over with really quickly. Its like someone pinging you with their finger or an elastic band. The first one made me jump as I got a fright but then I got used to it and its not really any worse than waxing.

Did I cover everything? Are you still awake?

frumpygrumpy Sat 24-Mar-07 14:11:37

slowing down not done!

DimpledThighs Sat 24-Mar-07 14:31:21

I bleach mine - works fine!

RanToTheHills Mon 26-Mar-07 10:47:11

thanks, FG.
DT, I've been bleaching for yrs, but now fed up with it as still shows too much for my liking!
Is IPL a laser treatment then (sorry if I@m being thick but they seem to be referred to interchangeably and not sure of difference,if any, and which is better)

frumpygrumpy Mon 26-Mar-07 13:17:44

Technically I don't think it is a laser. But I'm not exactly sure of the difference. When I enquired about laser treatment the info I got at the time didn't seem very impressive. I think many people refer to it as laser treatment because it does kind of look like what you see on telly.

RanToTheHills Mon 26-Mar-07 14:07:33

thanks again, FG! You've been v helpful! NO regrets,then? I'm dithering as I think i have v sensitive skin - few times I've tried Imac or waxing on upper lip my skin got huge raised s-unburn type pimples which took weeks to go! I fear that anything elese will have a similar effect!

RanToTheHills Mon 26-Mar-07 14:09:04

i'm also not hugely hairy but enough to show ifykwim? Never had to shave or anything so would it have anyeffect? Sorry for so many quesitons!

frumpygrumpy Tue 27-Mar-07 22:38:13

It has best results on darker hair. But thats not to say it won't work, as long as there is some pigment in the hair and its not completely white then you should get a result. I have no regrets so far. As I said, I'm only on my second treatment but see a difference (I am darker haired than you though).

I too have sensitive skin - waxing usually leaves me like a plucked chicken for 48 hours and, once, the therapist got a fright and eventually asked "do you always go like this" Now I make a point of putting them at ease from the beginning! With IPL I have had absolutely no redness. Let me know if you go for it and how it works for you.

moondog Tue 27-Mar-07 22:40:28

I had IPL on some sun damage on my face about 2 weeeks ago.First time so haven't noticed much change yet.
I'm having it on my bikini line tomorrow too.

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