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I never get a headache.

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Foxdale Wed 21-Jun-17 18:25:44

Something I've been aware of since I was a child is that I almost never get a headache. Yes, I know what a headache is like and I have had them, but they're very mild ones. I only get one every several years - and when it happens, I take an aspirin and it's gone. Even a bang on the head or the excessive summer heat doesn't seem to trigger one.

I know how lucky I am. I know that thousands of other people have severe headaches almost all the time and they sound far more intense and painful than I've ever experienced.

I've mentioned this when I visit my doctor, and asked if there is any
institute I can approach that might be undergoing research where I can volunteer as a "research subject", just in case there's something about my physiognomy that may be responsible for this lucky effect. But I never get very far. I usually get a few strange looks followed by a shrug.

So, I'm wondering if it's normal to almost never get headaches? Or maybe my perception of being a bit "special" was also a bit delusional?

coffeemachine Wed 21-Jun-17 18:27:58

I know a few people who never get them (or so they say). I don't think it is that unusual.

Just thank your lucky stars (migraine sufferer here) - it sounds bliss.

Doje Wed 21-Jun-17 18:28:47

I dunno. I never get headaches. Not even one a year. Probably only a handful in my life (37 yrs).

I've never thought it odd but prepared to be wrong! I'll follow this thread with interest!

vanillavelvet Wed 21-Jun-17 18:30:21

Me too. I'm in my 40s now. I keep wondering whether I'll make up for it somehow, someday.

Refilona Wed 21-Jun-17 18:35:42

Nope, almost never have them either. Only when I'm really hungry or tired. Food/sleep and they're gone.

Foxdale Wed 21-Jun-17 19:00:13

It's beginning to look like the never-a-headache state is the normal one. In my defense, I seemed to be surrounded by family and work colleagues who suffer from lots of headaches... ah.. maybe I haven't thought this one through...

Wattyyyy Wed 21-Jun-17 19:02:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Foxdale Wed 21-Jun-17 19:03:39

But I do remember on the TV there were these awful Anadin adverts showing a cutaway head with animated arrows showing tension and pressure and described it as Are you suffering from tense, nervous headaches? I just assumed it was a normal condition to have.

Caulkheadupnorf Wed 21-Jun-17 19:06:20

It's very rare for me to get one. Maybe once every three or four years as an adult. I had migraines a lot as a teenager, but they stopped when I improved my diet and my eyes ache if I don't wear my glasses but that's it.

Crumbs1 Wed 21-Jun-17 19:11:09

I've hardly ever had headache apart from hangover.

uncoolnn Wed 21-Jun-17 19:16:26

I'm so jealous of everyone on this thread. I constantly have a headache. I've tried all sorts to get rid of them. Painkillers don't touch them and nothing in particular seems to trigger them. I've had a splitting headache today and for the last few days which I've put down to heat sad

Babyblues14 Wed 21-Jun-17 19:20:08

Probably not unusual. I'm the same. Never ever had a cold sore. No idea why. Dh has had lots and never seem to catch them off him either. Guess I'm just lucky

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 21-Jun-17 19:21:24

I only have one as a hangover.

Never otherwise.

Treesinbloom Wed 21-Jun-17 19:25:52

DH never has them. I get weekly migraines.

DH's gets a stomach upset at the drop of a hat. I almost never do.

I just assume that different people have different weak spots.

There's so many adverts for headache painkillers because it's absolutely awful to have and for some people very hard to treat. Really impacts my day to day life

SamoanSamosa Wed 21-Jun-17 19:30:06

Rarely have headaches. Only if I am stressed or anxious which thankfully isn't that often. For me it's always been an indication that something is wrong and I've been able to rectify it e.g. More sleep, water or relaxation

Lovegaultier Wed 21-Jun-17 19:30:26

I have a headache just about every day and can't work it out. I have a friend who lives on alcohol and coffee and leads a much less healthy lifestyle than me and never gets headaches.

Lovedlost Wed 21-Jun-17 19:36:10

I had migraines. GP prescribed 4 mess for them.
They got worse, to the point that I had a migraine for over a week. He gave me so much Codeine, and I was unable to function.
I linked the 2. I went cold turkey. Migraine gone within 8 hours or so. Then the withdrawals kicked in. Total hell.
I never took another. Now, I get the odd headache, but I function quite happily.

I had a colleague who had painless migraines. Just auras and wobbliness. That seemed weird,

rainsbow Wed 21-Jun-17 20:38:28

Headaches every single day here. Literally. You don't know how lucky you are.

MajorClanger123 Thu 22-Jun-17 11:19:12

I never get headaches (well, very rarely, could probably count on one hand when I have had a headache in adulthood). I'm 38.

My sister (2 years older than me) pops panadol like candy she gets so many headaches, plus occasional migraines too. She has worn glasses / contacts since childhood. Perhaps there's a link in the two (for her, although clearly not for everyone).

user1480459555 Thu 22-Jun-17 11:28:16

I too hardly ever had a headache and on the rare occasion I did just a walk in fresh air would almost always make it go away.

Then I got to my 50's and started having migraines (Dr says they are probably hormone related). I've been having them for about 10 years now and they are horrendous. I have to lie in bed, in a darkened room with an eye mask and ear plugs. I can't even sit up because it makes the room spin. To go to the toilet I have to crawl along the floor.

I can't keep even a sip of water down and even without eating or drinking anything I vomit about every 15 minutes. This can go on for a couple of days. I have had to have a Dr come out to give me an injection to stop me being sick a few times. Have also had to go to hospital for a drip as I end up dehydrated.

MajorClanger123 Thu 22-Jun-17 13:30:01

Oh gosh poor you user, that sounds awful.

I started getting terrible hayfever (all year round - non specific rhinitis I think its called) after having my first baby. My mum used to have terrible hay fever which promptly disappeared once she went through the menopause. Hoping mine will too. Is amazing how hormones can affect us at different time of life.

UsernameInvalid66 Fri 23-Jun-17 19:41:55

I think I've had a headache twice in my life - when I'd been hit straight between the eyes by a flying pair of pliers (don't ask!) and when I had sinusitis. My mum and brother used to think I was lying about never getting headaches but I've read that about 10% of people don't.

Catrina1234 Fri 23-Jun-17 23:04:19

I am astounded at the OP starting this thread. What do you want - a medal or something. Maybe we can start one "I've never had X Y or Z.
Don't you realise how insensitive it is to boast about your lack of headaches when others are suffering sometimes on a daily basis.

Catrina1234 Fri 23-Jun-17 23:13:41

USER- I used to suffer from migraine. People think it's a headache and it's a neurological condition. I wonder if you've tried one of the Triptans- sumatriptan (brand name Imigram)Naratriptan but worth trying if you haven't already. They aren't pain killers but they shrink the blood vessels around the brain that swell and it's the swelling that causes the pain. I was paid free in 2 hours and could go to work and carry on with my day - they changed my life. Thing was the GP never told me about them because they're expensive - I read about them and took the article and said I wanted to try and he said "OK" and printed out a script, not batting an eyelid after telling me for years that there was only paracetamol.

User12345678912345 Sat 24-Jun-17 20:39:40

Oh OP! I'm soooo envious!! I get horrible, horrible headaches and migraines! My DH never gets them. I often wonder why he doesn't get them and wish I knew the answer. I think it's great you want to b part of research to help us headache sufferers. I'd love to know the key to b headache free and hope someone takes u up on your research participant offer!! smile

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