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Colposcopy came back with high grade abnormal cells - guess i'm asking for a handhold :(

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ExpatTrailingSpouse Tue 20-Jun-17 16:40:17

Not sure how i feel about it - cheating husband complicates things. The person i would have turned to instantly, i'm now hesitant to for so many reasons.

surprised because original PAP results were only ASC-US, which is a few grades lower.

going to be scheduled for a LEEP to try and remove all the abnormal cells. can anyone share their experience with high grade result/LEEP?

Comps83 Tue 20-Jun-17 19:43:13

Yes I had mine removed and have been fine ever since
Sorry about your other problems though, I wasn't in a good mental place when I found out about mine either.
I'm sure your health will be nothing to worry about soon and you are getting it sorted. Onwards and upwards!

ExpatTrailingSpouse Tue 20-Jun-17 19:51:49

Comps83 - thanks for the reply, glad you've been clear. i'm actually not sure now if it's going to be a LEEP (LLETZ in UK i think) because nurse said it's going to be under general. waiting for callback from dr to find out what is actually happening.

PurpleFishCakes Tue 20-Jun-17 23:27:53

I got my smear test results back with CIN 3 -high grade dyskaryosis (sp 🤔)just after finding out I was pregnant. Was monitored throughout the pregnancy (colposcopy). Then LEEt/LLETZ ( I think they are the same?) to remove the cells 6 weeks after giving birth... I had it with local

I was absolutely terrified thanks to Dr. Google.

6 weeks after i was back for a follow up check and the worlds most enthusiastic smear test. So far all smear tests have been clear.

Please try not to worry! It's great they caught it now and it can be easily treated. Not the most most comfortable or dignified but really it's not so bad. Try to relax and be selective about your information sources.

ExpatTrailingSpouse Wed 21-Jun-17 00:03:54

purplefishcakes - thanks. I'm glad yours turned out ok. I know Google is the worst ... Unfortunately this practice isn't being that great about info - had to phone back to ask info and now not sure if it's the lletz anyway as she said I'll be under general anesthetic. I do like to know more info than less even if it's worrying.

PurpleFishCakes Wed 21-Jun-17 01:33:46

My GP was useless too. I get to speak/write with the benefit of hindsight/experience.

But this is a lot of worry to add on top of everything else that is going on... Please take care of yourself.

ExpatTrailingSpouse Sat 24-Jun-17 03:45:38

Finally spoke to dr (Obgyn here in us). High grade cin 2. So hopefully they can get rid of it all. They do it with general anesthetic here, supposedly due to it being too painful for some patients. Glad they caught it early enough at least.

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