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Recurring cystisis

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Bubblegum89 Mon 19-Jun-17 22:13:54

I have suffered with UTI's since I was 17 (I'm 28 now) In the past, I have had infections so bad that I've had to take 3 different sets of antibiotics to try and get rid of it. In all this time though I've learnt that not all UTI's require treatment. I've not had one so bad I've ended up at the drs in a while but I do still get the burning/desperate to pee etc very frequently. I would say once a fortnight if not once a week. Sometimes more, I had this on Friday last week and had it again today.

I do all the things I'm meant to like peeing straight after sex, keeping clean but not using scented products and that kind of thing. It doesn't last too long, maybe half the day if I'm lucky and then it's gone the next day. Although it's not excruciating it's still painful enough to ruin plans and things. I don't know if it's worth a trip to the GP? I don't think they're infections as such as they don't last long but I just wondered if there was anything I could take to stop it from happening so often? Fed up of spending hours sitting on the loo!

Oh and don't talk to me about cranberry juice, it's all lies lol

Teddy6767 Mon 19-Jun-17 22:18:00

I used to get cystitis every month and it would cause me to be bed ridden for a couple of days each time. I tried everything from drinking loads of water, taking a cranberry supplement every day and drinking those sachet drinks.
Found a review online for something called D Manosse and after about a month of taking that I've never had cystitis again (around 7 years now).
Check out reviews online, loads of people rave about it for completely curing cystitis. Do make sure you're also drinking loads of water all the time too

PollyPerky Tue 20-Jun-17 08:29:05

I'd suggest having a read of the website the

You might have the start of PBS (painful bladder syndrome.)
I had this after several infections . somehow my bladder was damaged. I've got it under control (mainly) by diet and not drinking anything except water and weak herbal tea.

Mine started like yours but gradually got worse so anything you can now may help. You can also get various medication but it's trial and error.

PollyPerky Tue 20-Jun-17 08:31:39

ps There is a whole list of foods that can affect thee bladder if it's irritated. I avoid onions, garlic, all citrus foods, spices, tomatoes, and most of all, alcohol , (and fruit juice), tea and coffee. Sounds a pain, I know, but most of the time it's helped me.

peonyinparadise Tue 20-Jun-17 08:42:22

I was recently prescribed Vesicare 5mg for an over active bladder. I had a run of UTI infections plus a host of fun peri menopause symptoms- dryness, needing to pee urgently. This medication has done the trick & I'm back to normal. It's made a big difference. I am also back to taking a daily cranberry capsule (contains d mannose) as a UTI preventative.

BernadetteBunny Tue 20-Jun-17 09:19:42

Are there any places in the world anyone knows of that use an AB solution via catheter to treat this?

NoParticularPattern Tue 20-Jun-17 09:36:15

I absolutely feel your pain! Up until about 18 months ago I was in the same position as you- frequent burning feelings which would often be treatable with lots of fluids and the occasional course of those sachets you can get from the chemist.

What's made a huge difference to me is cutting back on alcohol (and actually sugar in general seemed to be a trigger for me) and also taking D Mannose regularly. It was recommended to me about 6 years ago when I was at uni, but I'd forgotten about it until I got absolutely sick of ending up in the doctors twice a month with UTIs and did some desperate Sunday googling! I take the max strength (1000mg) tablets every night and just adjust how many I take dependent on how I've felt that day. Usually it's two but if I've felt burny then I'll take some in the day and maybe three on an evening instead of just the two. It seems to have really helped me get on top of things and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the girl who recommended it to me!! I've not felt that proper crying pain for over a year now!

I buy mine on eBay from a fab little company called Harvey Nutrition. They post super quick and seem to be the cheapest out there! They are also super helpful with regard to advice about other types of supplements if you ever need it.

Comps83 Tue 20-Jun-17 19:48:22

I had a bad UTI in Feb and I haven't been right since. If i don't drink enough water it feels like it has suddenly come back. I need to get my hands on this Mannose stuff as have seen it mentioned a lot on here.

Bubblegum89 Tue 20-Jun-17 22:56:26

Thanks ladies, burning vajayjay is just not nice sad I've heard of D Mannose, is it a preventative or does it help when you actually have pain? There have been many times in the past that I've been bedridden with pain and actually in tears with it and I have a very high pain threshold. Luckily that's not happened in well over a year but still getting the shorter bouts of pain regularly. Last time I went to the dr she made out like I was making it up as there was nothing on the dip stick. So I'm reluctant to go back.

In terms of avoiding foods, is it just trial and error?

NoParticularPattern Wed 21-Jun-17 10:56:19

I've also had the "she's making it up" story! One doctor was so convinced that I was making it up to get out of school that she refused to see me again. The next doctor referred me to Urology for a cystoscopy and various other investigations as she thought there was clearly a problem if dipsticks weren't showing anything despite the fact that I was presenting with bright red or exceptionally cloudy urine!

I find the D Mannose helps alleviate pain when you have it. If I were to get an infection now I would use it in sync with the antibiotics to help clear it more quickly. I do find that if I have a day where I feel a little bit burny then it does help clear that up before it worsens.

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