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Help me PLEASE emergency dentist

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Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 00:47:23

Im in total agony, i have a rotten tooth that ive been so scared to get seen to due to phobia of dentist it is now an emergency

It hurts quite a lot so I just dose up on painkillers - now though I cant get rid of the pain even though ive max doses myself on lots of different things

the pain is searing through my head, jaw, ears and face - it feels like the nerve is totally raw, keeps shooting through my head

what can I do? i cant take much more but Im soooooo sooooo scared

nutcracker Sun 11-Jul-04 00:52:13

Oh blimey Becca. I think you will have to find an emergency dentist now.
My Dp had this a while back and he hates dentists but even he was begging me to find one for him.

I doubt that you will be able to take anything stronger to get rid of the pain.

Do you know of a dentists that could see you tonight ???

noddy5 Sun 11-Jul-04 00:54:16

I did this and ended up at a&e in the middle of the night they gave me a codeine injection and antibiotics and some painkillers to take home and I had to see a dentist locally the next day.It was agony and all the years I put up with the broken tooth due to fear were a waste of time because I ended up in such a state.Please go immediaitely eventually no painkillers will help and then you will have no choice.The pain from the tooth is much worse than the dentist-GO NOW!!!!!!!!good luck I really feel for it was 6 weeks ago for me and it is still fresh in my mind

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 00:54:24

I dont know - Ive tried a net search, the dental hospital with emergency section closes at 3.30pm

Im crying now Im so scared

Had horrible experience a while back which has caused this stupid fear - last time i had to get tooth sorted it all went wrong adn anaesthetic didnt work so i was passing out so they had to keep lowering the chair so i came round and giving me glucose to drink then they had to slit my gum up and cut a bit of my jaw out, I had gone on my own and it was so horrendous

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 00:55:11

noddy5 what did they do to the tooth? Take it out?

I'd say I have about just a bit more than half the tooth left

noddy5 Sun 11-Jul-04 00:56:09

go to a&e doesn't need to be dental and get some relief for tonight then go to any dentist in the morning.Where do you live?

Hulababy Sun 11-Jul-04 00:56:47

Go to A&E Becca! They will at least be able to give you something for the pain.

carlyb Sun 11-Jul-04 00:58:01

becca - if you need to find a dentist go to - put in your postcode and then go to the tab 'find my nearest' and type in dentist. Mate you need to get this sorted out - you dont need to suffer like this.

carlyb Sun 11-Jul-04 00:58:44

crossed posts with everybody else - I agree go to a&e for the pain

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 00:59:37

Ive just had a big cry on DP - I know I must sound so pathetic Im normally very stoical when it comes to pain - not scared of labour, injuries etc but I think that last experience has left me scarred!

noddy5 Sun 11-Jul-04 00:59:52

No they took some away and x rayed it and said the root was still stable so they froze that side and did a root filling as it was numb there was no pain and I explained my fear of the dentist and they were really good I have been back twice since for minor things and Ithink this helped me conquer my phobia I like you had a bad experience but although stilla nervous patient have got over it.You may find the extreme pain is infection and for me the painkillers and antibiotics lessened it in a few hours-you will be fine

Aero Sun 11-Jul-04 01:00:21

Becca - It seems you have no choice but to call the emergency dentist. Believe me, I know only too well that toothache is no joke and I sat quaking in the dentists chair the first time I had it and needed a wisdom tooth removed. The sheer relief though when the job was done was unbelievable. I could have kissed him at the time. Nothing I felt in the chair was even slightly comparable to the pain I was in. I'd sooner give birth again than suffer toothache.
After the emergency is sorted, find yourself a good, gentle and personable dentist (by word of mouth and good recommenadtion of other nervous patients). Dentists are not ogres and are well used to seeing people who are afraid and will do their best to put you at ease if you explain your fears to them. But do get this sorted - it won't go away on it's own.

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 01:00:56

That was my reasoning last time that the dentist will be less than the pain of leaving it but last time that was so not the case it was like a living nightmare, it was so harrowing

noddy5 Sun 11-Jul-04 01:04:27

I think the embaressment of having left it so long stopped me.I almost thought it would cure itself but it always came back and that last time I was pacing the floors crying like a hysterical child I was delirious with the pain.The dentist was brilliant though and they apparently see it all the time.I am reliving it reading your post and really wish I could help you please go to a & e it was a godsend to me

ladymuck Sun 11-Jul-04 01:04:40

If A&E isn't an option then try calling your GP's call-out number - they will usually have the number of an emergency dentist.

Aero Sun 11-Jul-04 01:06:03

Yes - go now to A&E if no dentist can do emergency at this time. Where you based? Incidently, the next time I had toothache (another wisdom tooth), I wasn't nearly so scared, just relieved to get an appointment.

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 01:06:44

I really dont think i can go alone - DP says if I can get through tonight he will take time off work and come with me tomorrow.........will I get through the night though

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 01:07:06

Im in Newcastle

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 01:07:24

Will they let me be sedated? I really dont think I can go through with it otherwise

noddy5 Sun 11-Jul-04 01:08:22

codeine painkillers will relax you and kill the pain

Aero Sun 11-Jul-04 01:09:35

I'm sure you're doing it already, but you know you can take the max dose of paracetamol AND ibuprofen in the same day. Take them in alternate doses every couple of hours.

Aero Sun 11-Jul-04 01:10:54

Anyone know a good dentist in the Newcastle area?

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 01:11:35

I had a bit of a panic earlier on because I felt very sick and dizzy - I thought I had overdosed

Today I have taken ibuprofen, paracetamol max strength and diclofenac I found in the cupboard.

Anyone know if they can make me whoozy so Im not so aware of waht is going on?

Aero Sun 11-Jul-04 01:14:22

ooooh - never heard of the last one.

Beccarollover Sun 11-Jul-04 01:15:03

DP got prescribed it when he had a thigh injury not long ago

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