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Terrible migraines and no idea as to the cause

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PookieDo Sun 18-Jun-17 11:46:44

I'm in a slight respite period of an ongoing 4 day migraine with unusual visual disturbance (blue dots and TV type static that won't go away)

Every time I have a respite I just get it coming back a few hours later. no medication or sleep or cold compress helps when it gets bad

Yesterday it was so bad with a lt of vomiting and a stiff neck I was in A&E all night. Lucky nothing bad seems to be happening

I have never had a migraine this bad or this long before

I'm taking roaccutane and just went from 20 to 40mg - this could be a cause
I just finished my period so it could be hormonal
My neck/back feels funny so it could be disc related
The heat could be causing it

How on earth do you work out what is causing it? Also I've started to think this will never go away. I'm trying not to take too much co-codamol but Sumatriptan makes me very sick. Ibuprofen and oral paracetamol don't seem to help (it did help IV)

I haven't eaten for days and I am weak, exhausted and tearful

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