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Ongoing breast pain - clinic for a 3rd time?

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MajorClanger123 Sat 17-Jun-17 10:46:44

Hi all,
Last went to breast clinic in Feb of this year for stabbing pains behind my left nipple plus a very lumpy area deep in left breast. All fine upon examination and ultrasound.
I also visited the breast clinic in July 2015 about same left breast (this was more underarm pain radiating into breast, all was fine upon exam & US).

I've been taking industrial quantities of starflower oil to combat the stabbing pain, plus I've stopped certain sorts of exercise to see if that will help (kettlebells / weights) as I thought that might be aggravating it.

All was calming down & virtually no pain at all, but I still sit there in the evening and feel a deep ache in my left breast. It seems to radiate from the area with the deep lumps.

Do I visit the GP again to request another breast clinic appt - the only thing being they seem geared up for cancer diagnoses, and if nothing sinister you're instantly discharged, or is there someone else I could see? I have considered a private breast surgeon previously. Or do I just live with the pain, knowing it's unlikely nothing sinister?

DubiousCredentials Sat 17-Jun-17 14:37:21

Sorry to hear your pain has come back Major. Mine comes and goes tbh and I have noticed that it's always worse if I'm stressed. Nothing to lose by seeing your gp again if it's really bothering you. The clinic really are fab but as you said, def geared up for a yes/no cancer diagnosis and if it's a no then you're sent on your way.

I have done lots of internet research into non-cyclical mastalgia and it really reassured me. But my breast isn't lumpy with it so presumably that adds another layer to your concerns.

At least if you do go to the clinic again you know what to expect and how you felt after the last time and therefore you can be very annoying clear in the amount of detail and reassurance you require. And I'm sure they would scan more of your breast rather than doing a small targeted area if you cried a bit insisted.


esk1mo Sun 18-Jun-17 01:39:46

in all honesty if you have been in february and its the same pain then i dont think the breast clinic can do much for you. obviousy ask for a referral if the pain is different, or if there is a lump/physical changes. its also worth still having a chat to your gp about.

have you tried evening primrose oil? do you consume much caffeine? reducing caffeine and taking 1000mg of evening primrose has helped reduce my breast pain, although they still become tender before my period. i was also given ibuprofen gel to use to rub into skin.

do you consume enough fats in general, like fish, avocado etc? are you overweight? these might also contribute to breast pain.

maybe you could speak to or see a nutritionist , they might be able to recommend dietary and lifestyle changes which could help.

MajorClanger123 Sun 18-Jun-17 07:29:23

Thanks dubious - I do feel like a broken record with it really. The pain has changed from sharp stabbing to a dull ache, much less frequently but there nonetheless.

Thanks for your reply esk1mo - I take star flower oil which is similar to eve prim but a higher GLA content so should work even better. I'm slim, have probs 1 caffeinated drink per day (guess I could cut it out altogether) and I've tried to make other small changes to my diet / lifestyle to see if it helps. It's not a constant pain, but comes and goes enough throughout the month to make me notice it.

I'll keep monitoring and perhaps have another chat with gp. Actually he recommended ibuprofen gel so I'll buy some of that and see if it helps.

Wolfiefan Sun 18-Jun-17 07:33:01

I had dreadful boob pain and it was hormone related. Worth asking?

OnlyEatsToast Sun 18-Jun-17 07:33:20

Don't mean to be insincere but I used to have similar symptoms to you and eventually found they disappeared once I got myself a properly fitted bra. Perhaps a simple thing that might at least help slightly whilst you pursue medical routes?

OnlyEatsToast Sun 18-Jun-17 07:39:28

Have you had any kind of chest injury/muscle sprain? Just re-reading your last post, and your description of your pain could indicate nerve damage or recovery from an injury

MajorClanger123 Sun 18-Jun-17 11:31:37

wolfiefan I did wonder whether it's hormonal as I only started to get the pain after I'd had a Mirena coil fitted, however I had that removed right after my Feb breast clinic appt and I'm still getting pain, albeit less than before.

onlyeatstoast I do wonder whether it could be a result of some old injury to that breast - I had terrible mastitis in my left breast whilst nursing my 3rd baby 5 years ago, I wondered if it's related to that. Also, my left breast has pretty much 'come apart' inside (if that makes sense) since finishing breastfeeding. Feels totally different to my right breast. At the last ultrasound, the sonograoher pointed out to the med students in there "breast tissue alternating with empty areas".

My only thing is, lots of people on mumsnet who have been to breast clinic are told that the lump is old scar tissue, a nodule, a cyst etc. I was just told nothing to be seen. Yet I have still an ache and lumpy area.

I might try doing what was recommended to me last time, which was to wear a sports bra 24 hrs a day. If no improvement after time then I'll revisit gp.

esk1mo Sun 18-Jun-17 13:49:39

i was told the same thing

esk1mo Sun 18-Jun-17 13:52:06

sorry didnt mean to post!

i was told there was nothing by the sonographer, just lumpy tissue according to breast surgeon. my pain gets worse around ovulation, i get random sharp pains only in my right breast. just so you know you arent alone! hope you find a solution soon.

MajorClanger123 Sun 18-Jun-17 15:12:12

Thanks esk1mo it does always help to know others have similar. I have started using the Flo app to track symptoms and I wonder if there is an ovulation pattern.

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