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Anyone know what these blood tests are for please?

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EmmaBridgewatermug Sat 17-Jun-17 10:44:50

My elderly grandmother has been suffering what seems like sciatica, pain radiating down the leg for a number of weeks. Shes had an xray and standard blood tests but has now received an appointment for 2 months away with a haematologist consultant and has to have the following tests done.

B2 Microglobulin

Ive had a google and they look like tests looking for the signs of cancer to me. Shes very sharp and is now worried that there is something seriously wrong with her despite the fact she feels fine in herself. Ive reassured her that they are probably looking for ' arthritis or rheumatism' but privately Im wondering if they are thinking its something more sinister. The letter she has recieved talks about the blood tests 'if you have already started your treatment' so shes naturally worried its cancer.

What i cant understand is the 2 month wait for an appointment? Surely if it was cancer she'd be seen quicker?

VerityHabitat Sat 17-Jun-17 16:58:57

They aren't "looking for" xyz they are "ruling out" xyz.

Running tests doesn't mean that they think it is one thing or another - diagnosis is usually via a process of elimination. There are specific guidelines that inform the 2 week rule. If she doesn't meet the criteria then she will be referred for the longer appointments.

Do you know if her initial blood tests had any abnormal markers?

EmmaBridgewatermug Sat 17-Jun-17 22:32:47

No sorry I don't know if her initial blood tests came up abnormal. Thanks for your post, it's reassuring

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