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Chest pain after several panic attacks

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VLCos Thu 15-Jun-17 17:46:14

Hello just after some advice if anyone has any.
I've had quite a stressful few months having tests and waiting for tests.
Last week I began experiencing shortness of breath . On one day it got particular bad. I ended up in urgent care. They listened to heart and lungs. Said it was a panic attack . Went to GP who did same and agreed with them.
Next few days was quite hard with several panic attack episodes managed to get them under control this week. During one of attacks felt pins and needles down left arm.
Last 48 hours I've had no breathing problems but have experienced the pins and needles of and on. Some very dull pain just above left breast of and on several times a day. This can be when sitting doing nothing.
Is this normal could the chest have been over worked during periods of attacks and is now recovering ? And would listening in with stethoscope have shown a problem with heart if there was one ? Obviously worried about heart problems but don't want to bother GP again unless I have to .
Am never away lately

LaLaLamp Fri 16-Jun-17 00:24:35

Hi, I had chest pain whilst going through a very stressful time. I went to the GP who did an ECG immediately. I was fine and it was stress causing it. You should call 111 if you are still concerned.

Slimthistime Fri 16-Jun-17 00:34:34

I'm not a doctor but I would see the GP again or indeed call 111.

I used to be a regular for panic attacks (!) I know there's all kinds of crazy physical symptoms but worth getting a check for reassurance. I had an ECG too, it was all fine. I think rising and falling adrenaline levels confuse other systems in your body?


VLCos Fri 16-Jun-17 07:41:13

Thank you both ! I will see if I can get in today . If not there is a walk in tomorrow I'll go to that or call 111 if it gets worse

CloudPerson Fri 16-Jun-17 07:45:09

Agree with the others that you should get it checked if you're worried.

I get the shortness of breath and chest pain quite regularly as a result of stress, I was referred for breathing physio which really helped, if that would be an option?

VLCos Fri 16-Jun-17 08:14:29

My GP wanted me to wait for some tests I am having then she said she will look at referral or meds as she thinks it's "situational" but will definitely mention that to her thank you

VLCos Mon 19-Jun-17 18:09:16

Hello just an update to say the breathlessness has got a bit worse not sure if it's the weather. Another doctor has decided after listening to my lungs and heart which are clear that it could asthma !?He gave me an inhaler to try. Breathlessness all the time is pretty scary I thought asthma comes and goes x

Heirhelp Mon 19-Jun-17 18:32:39

I hope you are feeling better. I suffered with increasingly worse panic attacks for over a year. A long story short it was not panic attacks and I spent a week in hospital with a gall stone stuck in tube which contected by bile duct to my liver.

If you think something is not right then do see another doctor.

VLCos Mon 19-Jun-17 18:36:29

@Heirhelp ahhhhh!,I have been diagnosed with gallstones on waiting list for removal . Can I ask how you felt any breathlessness ?. I think if the heart and lungs are clear they find it hard to help you !

mogulfield Mon 19-Jun-17 18:37:42

I had panic attacks and chest pain for a few years, was convinced I was dying/something was severely wrong.
I was persistent and got checked by a cardiologist (who did about 8 different tests), and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Panic can be a very strong emotion and really simulate heart attacks etc.
I don't know if this helps or not, but it may be you're totally fine and it's 'just' panic attacks (which feel horrible, I've been there. But absolutely will not kill you).

VLCos Mon 19-Jun-17 18:40:08

Forgot to add next week I am having a CT with contrast of abdomen and pelvis a possible blockage made show up then with any luck ?!

VLCos Mon 19-Jun-17 18:41:00

Thank you @mogulfield .

Heirhelp Mon 19-Jun-17 20:47:02

For me I was hyperventilating with the pain and that was why I was struggling to breath. The pain was around the band of my bra.

Having a gall stone stuck will make you very ill very quickly (vomiting and yellow as your liver can work effectively). I think I had a MRI to check the state of my gall bladder. The surgeon told me he had never seen so many stones and was shocked that they had not been diagnosed earlier.

Heirhelp Mon 19-Jun-17 20:47:56

I do think I was panicking about having a panic attack (gall bladder pain) which made the whole experience worse.

VLCos Mon 19-Jun-17 21:05:56

Ouch sounds painful . I really don't feel ill with it just breathless and some chest pain. I think I panic about not being able to breath normally . Not breath badly because I'm panicking !
Strangely chewing gum helps so maybe that opens the airways I don't know thanks for your advice :-)

Fairylea Tue 20-Jun-17 20:19:41

I have been suffering with dreadful chest pain and panic attacks for a while now. I've been to the gp and even to a and e with it and they've done so many tests and ecgs and they've all been normal... apparently severe panic can give you chest pain as you hyperventilate meaning you create more adrenaline in your body causing your muscles to tense up etc. It's a horrible feeling. If you're worried there is no harm asking for an ecg if it helps to put your mind at rest.

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