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experiences of dental implants please

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reawakeningambition Thu 15-Jun-17 10:54:35

I'm thinking of going for it by I've got a fear of the sinus being pierced.

Has anyone gone for an implant? Been happy? Has anyone regretted it/had the sinus pierced? If the sinus did go, how long did it take to get better?

IWantABlueBanana Thu 15-Jun-17 11:15:40

Was by far the easiest and least painful bit of dentistry ive ever had done!

ExConstance Thu 15-Jun-17 11:18:46

I had two implants 4 years ago following the failure of a bridge. I was very nervous but it was no worse than having root canal treatment and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I went to the Brighton Implant Clinic and felt I could trust them as they have great reviews and do hardly any dental work except implants. I couldn't afford the quote my own dentist gave.

reawakeningambition Thu 15-Jun-17 11:48:42

that's encouraging....

whoputthecatout Fri 16-Jun-17 13:27:48

Another satisfied customer here. Didn't even need a painkiller after the injections wore off.

But get them done by a dentist who is an implant specialist.

Wallywobbles Fri 16-Jun-17 13:39:57

I found that it didn't hurt during - the drilling is a bit grim. Hurt like a bugger for a couple of days after the first appointment - but nothing paracetamol couldn't cope with.

It was 4 appointments in total. None of the others were painful at all.

I find food gets stuck very easily which is boring - I use a water flossing machine thingy to deal with that.

I looks better than the hole I had, but I'm not sure I'd do it again. My hole was actually more comfortable.

neverundersold Fri 16-Jun-17 13:48:21

I had two done a couple of years ago, perculiar sensation when they drill into your jaw but no real pain afterwards. Agree food does tend to get stuck easily and dentist has warned me about keeping area meticulously clean due to the risk of infection. Never regretted it (still paying for it !) Make sure you go to a specialist in oral surgery/implantation and ask about their experience and success rate before you agree to anything.

villainousbroodmare Fri 16-Jun-17 13:50:35

I went to a very expensive highly regarded specialist who replaced both my upper front teeth. Perfect job. V happy.

ArgyMargy Fri 16-Jun-17 13:51:34

I had one over 15 years ago. No-one ever mentioned anything to do with sinuses. I would have another without hesitation as it has never given me any trouble at all. But I agree you should look for an experienced specialist.

reawakeningambition Fri 16-Jun-17 15:46:18

Argy, I think it's only the middle upper teeth that are near the sinus

IWantABlueBanana Fri 16-Jun-17 18:52:18

reawaken my implant is an upper front. They never mentioned sinus damage I dont think but did say the ct scan to show bone density would show if I needed I sinus uplift first.

reawakeningambition Fri 16-Jun-17 20:37:38

Thanks am going for a CT scan.

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