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Blurred peripheral vision and new headache pattern

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NooNooHead1981 Wed 14-Jun-17 11:52:47

Yesterday I was walking back from school with my daughter when I had an odd few minutes of blurred peripheral vision. It only lasted for a bit but was very strange.

I've been referred to a neurologist for an assessment about my migraines / headaches that have been getting worse, and I had a head injury two years ago but I don't think this vision problem was part of that. My headaches are getting more frequent and waking me up in the morning, although sometimes I think it just because of dehydration more than anything else. When my GP did a neuro exam, she said there was nothing to worry about there but the headaches upon waking did concern her, hence the referral.

All I can think of is the worst case scenario but I don't want to jump to any silly conclusions (brain tumour!) as I'm sure it's just my migraines taking on a new pattern.

Grrr... I hate my brain sometimes! :-(

Anyone else ever had migraines that have woken them up?

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