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Ladies with cysts...

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Nat2017 Tue 13-Jun-17 11:51:02

Hi ladies,
Sorry I advance for the long post but I'm really concerned and would like some advice!
I've recently been diagnosed with a 4cm cyst on my right and a 10cm cyst on my left ovary and waiting for an op and referral to gyne.
The doctor thinks I may have endometriosis and I'm waiting for further tests to confirm.

I'm currently really suffering in horrendous pain when I come on but also when I'm sat at my desk or driving I feel like I've got a searing/burning pain in each ovary ...I'm only 23, I've not had children and really worried now that I've got something g wrong.

Has anybody had something similar and is the burning pain and discomfort normal?

Thanks in advance for you regarding help x

Nat2017 Tue 13-Jun-17 11:52:05

Forgot to mention a constant pain in my lower back too if this is normal??

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