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Malignant fibroid

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Greyboot Mon 12-Jun-17 22:18:38

I had a hysterectomy six weeks ago because of large fibroids.
Out of the blue consultant rang me Friday to say unfortunately they were malignant. Very rare apparently (1 in a 1000)
I have an appt weds with oncology and will be having ct scan very soon too.
I'm a very sensitive,emotional, but positive person usually. I literally don't know what I'm doing or saying or thinking at the moment.
I had a complete public meltdown this morning, followed later by an anxiety attack in Sainsburys.
My husband is great, but he's usually rubbish at emotional stuff and doesn't know what to say.
I have children, but we've just told the oldest one who's an adult.
My friends are fantastic, but I can't constantly repeat myself to them at every hour of the day or night!
Do you have tips to relax/get my thoughts under control etc?
What sort of questions should I ask on weds?
I'm on the hysterectomy thread and have mentioned it on there, but hoping for any tips etc to keep me sane!
Thanks for reading

Madeyemoodysmum Mon 12-Jun-17 22:23:30

You poor thing you must be very worried. Try to keep calm. Now they have found them fingers crossed it's been caught early. I have no advise but I wish you all the best. flowers

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