Irritated/uncomfortable vulva

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Magpiemavis Mon 12-Jun-17 17:25:36

Have been checked out, not thrush or BV or anything like that. It's just pretty sore and irritated down there, especially near my urethra. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I could use to moisturise the area?
Have already got some coconut oil coming.

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NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 12-Jun-17 19:35:52

How old are you?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 12-Jun-17 19:37:56

Vaginal atrophy can start in the peri menopause stage...just in case you're in that age group.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 12-Jun-17 19:40:04

Get some Cetraben from the chemist. It is a soothing cream, for excema or sensitive areas.
It can be applied directly to the skin, or used as a wash.
There is also a new non hormonal cream available, called Vagisan, for irritation or dryness.
Hope this helps.

GoldenOrb Mon 12-Jun-17 19:57:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Magpiemavis Mon 12-Jun-17 21:29:06

Definitely not menopausal, or at least I hope not, being 18! I've been examined, had urine tests and swabs and I'm all clear on that front. I have just come off the implant after three months of hellish continuous bleeding, so I suspect it's hopefully largely hormonal and will settle down. Thanks for the recommendations!

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NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 12-Jun-17 22:47:46

Not meno that's good!
Have you changed washing powder, shower gel, sanitary products etc I can't shampoo my hair in the shower...causes major irritation. Maybe worth looking at what you are using.


Mamabear14 Tue 13-Jun-17 06:48:32

Shaving? I don't shave 'down there' with a razor anymore as it irritated so bad. You couldn't see anything but it was like I'd cut myself with my fingernails a million times. I use a beard trimmer now for any bits that might terrify others at the pool.

Mamabear14 Tue 13-Jun-17 06:50:06

Also, natural yogurt out of the fridge on it. I know it's used for thrush but it's nice and cooling.

Monkeybunkey Tue 13-Jun-17 12:55:29

Vagisil is pretty good for general itching and discomfort. Can get it in supermarkets/chemists/Savers etc.

Jeanneweany Wed 14-Jun-17 19:12:12

Do you have thrush?? See your gp. Or practice nurse they will take a look and reassure you.

Jeanneweany Wed 14-Jun-17 19:13:23

Plus sometimes thrush is not always apparent. It could be bubble bath or urine is concentrated etc

Jeanneweany Wed 14-Jun-17 19:14:49

Sudacrem is brill for soreness

helzapoppin2 Wed 14-Jun-17 20:08:31

Metanium, the white version, a barrier cream for nappy rash on the irritated part can work wonders!

FlamingoFlower Thu 15-Jun-17 10:36:12

wow I was literally just about to post the same thing!

I've been in and out of doctors and hospitals for the past 7 months with the same thing! I keep getting told it's "probably thrush" - so I take pessaries, oral tablet, cream and nothing is making any difference.

I've seen 5 consultants and the last one said yep probably thrush, went back to my doctor yesterday and they said if canesten etc is not making any difference then its not thrush, gave me some etalium but hasn't made a blind bit of difference!

I've been swabbed for STD's 5 times and other vaginal infections but nope nothing

Had a menopause blood test and that was all fine (im early 30s!)

Pain is now radiating down into the very top of the back of my legs just where my buttock cheeks start! a very dull ache - I'm so uncomfortable I cant even sit down properly!

I'm red raw and sore down there aswell I'm thoroughly fed up!

Sorry no advice just wanted to say I'm in the same boat!

hedwig2001 Thu 15-Jun-17 10:55:43

Could be a vulval skin condition called lichen schlerosus.
I treat mine with Diprobase cream. Use only water to wash the area with or if you need to use something, try E45 wash cream.

terrylene Thu 15-Jun-17 11:05:45

You are probably right about it being hormonal. Progestogen things can give you dryness problems.

I would wash with dermal 500 which is good fir skin conditions and may be enough on its own, and use some multigyn actigel or flora plus to help rebalance ( watch - it stings a bit ). Hopefully it should sort itself out as your hormones get back to normal.

teabag20048 Thu 15-Jun-17 14:48:26

Have you read up on vulvar vestibulitis and vulvodynia. I experienced a similar problem years ago, treated for thrush (wasn't that) saw endless doctors, was extremely sore. In the end I found relief coming off the contraceptive pill, I am sure this was causing it. Wear only cotton knickers, no more creams, leave well alone, pat dry, just use simple shower gel, white loo roll only, avoid jeans, drink lots of water. These things all gave some relief. I hope you get it sorted, totally understand how bad it gets.

Ellapaella Fri 16-Jun-17 20:06:28

I had this last summer, it went on for about three months. Doctors couldn't find anything and eventually was diagnosed as vulvodynia. It eventually just stopped and went away. It was very bizarre, like having the constant burning of a UTI but it didn't actually hurt to Perez

Undi Mon 30-Mar-20 12:39:16

Have you found a cure? I am experiencing same thing

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