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Too high up for pmt?

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knicknic Sun 11-Jun-17 07:53:32

Hi all, so whilst awaiting my appointment to have a mole check I find I have been graced with another problem (guess it's taking my mind off the mole)

So last week every morning I woke with tummy pain, high up and central like below my ribs. I had a lot of wind and tho releasing it didn't get rid of the pain I wasn't to bothered. Well Thursday i began having discomfort all day, like a dull gnawing ache spreading from my back to my front again high up above my belly button. It almost feels like the back ache pushes right through me to the front. The dull ache is constant. I am due on my period but not till Friday so was about 10 day till my period when it first started. I do have terrible periods but surely this is to high up to be period related?

I googled I know I shouldn't, and scared myself into thinking it's pancreatic cancer sad

Stormwhale Sun 11-Jun-17 07:56:08

More likely a digestive issue. I had that pain when I had gastritis. Have you taken any aspirin or ibuprofen or similar lately?

knicknic Sun 11-Jun-17 08:25:21

Hi, no not taken either of those. Sometimes it feels like stretching my back would help both aches, but it doesn't.

Bunnyfuller Sun 11-Jun-17 15:30:29

Gallstones? Think that pain radiates like you say.

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