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Provera for excessive bleeding

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FretYeNotAllIsShiny Sat 10-Jun-17 12:14:02

Has anyone been prescribed medroxyprogesterone for an excessively heavy period? How long before the bleeding stopped? I've had three doses so far and I've just flooded again. Give me some hope!

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redannie118 Sun 11-Jun-17 16:41:10

Hi ive had this it takes about 3 days to kick in properly.If youre still be bleeding after 5 days go back to gp

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 11-Jun-17 18:35:34

You need to properly determine what the cause of the flooding is; have you been referred to a gynaecologist?. The cause also needs to be determined and what you have been given is clearly not working.

FretYeNotAllIsShiny Sun 11-Jun-17 20:48:41

I have been referered to gynae. I had a mirena put in for heavy periods in march, which I bled constantly on until it fell out a couple of weeks ago. So I'm presuming that may have something to do with it. I know I've got at least one fibroid. But I don't think I have an infection as I had my urine tested last night.

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Nearly47 Fri 14-Jun-19 20:33:13

* FretYeNotAllIsShiny * , How did it go with the medroxyprogesterone? I've just been prescribed it today and not sure if I should take as heard some reviews saying it can increase bleeding. Did it solve your problem?

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