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Boney lump under knee...anyone had the same?

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whyhastherumgone Sat 10-Jun-17 00:20:47

I will get this checked out by a doctor but in the meantime just wondered if anything had had anything similar?

About six weeks ago I noticed my left knee was a little painful - nothing serious, like a bruise on the boney bit just below my knee/top of shin - when I knelt down. Assumed it was a bruise but it hasn't gone away.
It doesn't seem to be consistent necessarily, as I can completely forget about it then suddenly be aware it's started again. On closer inspection I realised there's a boney sort of lump or ridge that doesn't seem to be on my other knee, exactly where the pain is. Of course this could have been there for yonks as I'm not really in the habit of expecting my knees.

I know Google will pretty much tell me I'm dying, so have avoided, but wondered if it sounded familiar to anyone?

I'm not a big sports player or anything but do go through phases of running [slowly, like a goblin] and I do tend to throw myself into a 5-7km immediately plus lots of walking, so could be related, although I haven't for a couple of weeks.

Wow that escalated into a long post - apologies!

whyhastherumgone Sat 10-Jun-17 00:21:23

Expecting my knees?! Inspecting. Sigh. I should go to bed.

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