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coveringkitty Thu 08-Jun-17 23:52:04

So basically I need to have a filling done but I am balls out terrified of dentists and hospital and dental procedures make my anxiety sky rocket! I have developed a really bad tooth ache so I know I need it done but my oh says they drill your teeth and scrape at it and that it's sooooo painful! Can anyone tell me there experiences at dentists? I was so terrified before but now the thought of going gives me panic attacks please help! Also I'm terrified of needles which they would probarbly use to numb my mouth 👄 thank you for reading from a very anxious mummy!

Batfurger Fri 09-Jun-17 00:01:41

You managed to get in for a check up! Did you tell them you were nervous? Did they suggest anything to help? Is it NHS or private? How much are you currently paying for it? Sometimes you can top it up and get sedation.

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