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Enlarged lymph nodes in neck but blood tests fine?

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shockedballoon Tue 06-Jun-17 19:51:19

So I've had classic 'tat' (tired all the time) type symptoms for a while now, probably about 3mths or so when I think about it. Wake up ready to go back to bed, often with a headache. I work part time and have 1 child and a husband who pretty much does his fair share so I'm not exactly run ragged each week.

About 4 weeks ago I felt extra rubbish and noticed swollen glands In my neck. Left it for a couple of weeks as just presumed viral infection or something, but despite getting better after a few days, I still feel pretty wiped out and the swollen glands were still there after 2 weeks, though they are no longer tender to the touch.

So I went to the docs and she ordered blood tests and an ultrasound of the neck lumps (one on the side of my neck, one by the bottom of my ear lobe and one on the back of my neck near hairline).

Blood test results have come back 'within normal levels'. Ultrasound is booked for 28th June.

Obviously I'm glad the tests are normal - though I have no idea what that means exactly and I still feel knackered the vast majority of the time.

Google is not really helping me make sense of it. Obvs lymphoma pops up, but I'm well aware that that's unlikely.

So what would they be looking for at an ultrasound? What blood tests was the doctor likely to have ordered (they took 6 tubes) The receptionist who gave me the results on behalf of the doctor just said to wait for the ultrasound.

shockedballoon Tue 06-Jun-17 19:51:44

Sorry that was a bit long!

Ciderwithposie Wed 07-Jun-17 07:30:18

The ultrasound will give a better idea of what the lump is.

You may even be referred to your nearest Head and Neck consultant on a two week pathway too, but try not to panic if you are - this will be to have any further investigations.

There are lots of reasons for lumps to appear in the neck - like branchial cysts, enlarged lymph glands, benign salivary gland tumours, enlarged thyroid.

But lots of lumps are 'reactive' lymph nodes which just means they enlarge in response to a recent infection.

Good luck!

shockedballoon Wed 07-Jun-17 18:17:21

Thanks cider - I think it's just the waiting and not being sure what the options are. I think I was hoping the blood test might give some form of indication, like "oh you have an infection or inderactive thyroid or something, take these tablets and you'll feel fine in a week or so" grin

I'm just rubbish at 'not knowing'!

digerd Thu 08-Jun-17 07:16:19

I 've had neck lumps since being a child and the only feeling ill one was Glandular Fever. the lump was lower than the ear but I was in no pain. 6 weeks of weekly bum injections, which I remember well decades later, did not work but eventually with specialist help the new tablets worked.

About 10 years later when I was 16, I got another large lump behind the ear but did not feel ill, just a bit painful when opening my mouth to cram full of food. GP immediately diagnosed Mumps.
I know nothing about blood tests results, though.

Also had small tender lumps under the jaw bone when a tooth was infected and the glands were doing their job of retaining the infection from invading the blood stream and dealing with it there.

Yours maybe none of these but hope you get a diagnosis soon and be cured on the prescribed medication.

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